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Scotland Yard - Board Game review

We were recently sent Scotland yard from Ravensburger to review.

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We all love a good family board game and were excited to see what Scotland Yard was like, what age children was it suited for? And how do you play it?

My children had seen adverts for it on the TV and were kean to give it a good testing.

When we opened the box we were greeted with lots of pieces which needed popping out and within minutes we were set up and ready to play.

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There are two instructions books included given detailed instructions of how to set up and how to play. - one booklet is  for a simpler game and one full version. There is plenty of scope to alter the game to suit your players level of understanding.

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To begin with I read through the rules of the simple version as we all sat around ready to play.

The game says for ages 8 and above, so me, my eldest who is coming up to 15, my 13 year old daughter and my 9 year old son all got ready to play.

We played a quick round with the simple rules, and very quickly got used to the concept of the game.

My eldest son rarely gets involved with family games anymore so I was very pleasantly surprised to see him interested in the game.

The basic concept is to designate one person to be Mr X and the other players are the detectives/police.

Mr X moves around the board - under cover (no piece on the board) so no one knows exactly where he is, the other players have playing pieces on show and have to plan together where they will move to home in on Mr X.

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Players have to follow the illustrated map board, which is a real map of London, with it's  colour coded transports routes marked.

The simple version of the game has Mr X visible for most part, only disappearing at set intervals, this game is great for younger players, or to get you used to the game initially, but we found it a little too simple so quickly switched to the full version.

During play Mr X wears a paper hat to shield his line of vision, and writes his location on the paper pad - which is included (although you will need to supply your own pen or pencil) Each time Mr X travels he shows if he traveled by car, foot or train via placing a set coloured playing piece over the top of the written location.

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This is the only clue to help the other players solve the puzzle of his location. If you are on a station which is completely yellow, then you can not travel via train or bus. If you are wishing to travel via Train you must already be on a Red station.

Detectives have a set number of transport passes each, and once they have used all their train tickets, for example, they must use another mode of transport.

To win the game Mr X has to stay hidden and uncaught, a round takes around an hour, or less if you catch Mr X quickly!

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The game isn't like any I have played before and really does get you thinking and is more interactive than a standard board game which seemed to really engage the older children.  It provokes team work and discussions between  the 'detectives'  which was really nice to see.

We played many games as each of us wanted to be Mr X, and have since played several times, every time a family member or friend comes over we have a game, we have only played with children aged 8 or over but with the simple adaptions I am sure slightly younger children would be able to grasp the idea, especially with help.

We  also reviewed Labyrinth from Ravensburger several years ago, both games are great quality, fun, interactive puzzle games and great additions to your family game cupboard and even after 3 years we still  regularly play Labyrinth and it  much enjoyed by everyone and I know that Scotland Yard will be as well used  and as long lasting.

scotland yard from ravensburger box

If you are looking for a great fun strategy thinking board game to get the older children involved this Christmas then you may well find Scotland Yard is just perfect -  Priced around £15 you can find Scotland yard for sale in most good toy stores including Toys R us, Asda and Amazon.

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