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Fortnite Cross Platform Play PS4 XboxOne PC and how to link accounts friend

We have the Fortnite bug in our house - my sons all love it and I must admit its a fun game and as a family we all join in together.

Now we have an Xbox one - and several PC's and for a while now my eldest son has been playing on his PC and my younger son on the Xbox one.

My eldest son has been looking into how to get cross platform play to work so that he and his brother can play together on the different platforms and how can he transfer his PC account to play as his character on the Xbox and on the PC

Playstation players ahve been able to easily play together with PC players for a while now but we could not get the xbox one and PC to cross platform - the issue seemed to lie in the friends lists. If you have an xbox one account you can only find other xbox accounts to add to parties and join games with - but the PC players  are using a epic game display name

So in order to join and play together you have to access the xbox account on a PC - and then find and add your PC friends. However the main problem we had was that we could not find which epic games account our xbox was logging into, which meant we could not access the account on a PC to add friends.

I am pleased to say we have now resolved all the issues and I can now try to explain the process to you.

The process is some what confussing and has had us all confussed for a good while so I am sorry if this gets a bit long.

Ok so first lets understand how the accounts work and figure out what account you have.

Finding your Epic Game Account Information - and working out which platform it is linked to

PC- if you created your account on a PC initially you will have a sign in email and a password

You will have created a name for your fortnitecharacter a 'display name'

The information you input here is what identifies your epicgame account. and is what you use to sign in to your Epic game account in order to play.

Xbox - if you initially played fortnight on your xbox (and have NOT created a PC character) you would have been asked to sign into an exsisting epic games account - or to skip this and just play the game

If you skiped and just played the game your character on fortnite will have your Xbox Live username as their display name.

The epic game account that is created is a 'hidden' account so you are accessing and playing an epic game account - but you have not directly set up the epic game account - rather just used your Xbox log in creditials.

To begin with no matter which way you play - neither are 'linked to each other'

and as a PC character you can not find friends who are playing as a xbox live character, and visa verser.

This is because the way Xbox friends lists work you can not search and find friends via their epic game account names (which PC players are identified by) you can only find xbox live account names to add as friends.

So in order to add players you need to link your xbox profile to an epic game account - and then sign into the epic game website to access the epic game friends list directly.

However this is where problems arrise as if you create a epic game account - then try to link it to your xbox which already has a character - you will get a 'this xbox is already linked to an epic games account error message' which leaves many people scratching their heads

then people ask 'how do I find which epic game account I am playing as on my xbox'

The answer is if your fortnight character has your Xbox live username as his display name - then you more than likely have a 'hidden' epic games account - which was automatically created the first time you played on your xbox, and as such can only be accessed when signed in to your xbox

Don't worry though - you can access this 'hidden' account.

You need to go to and set up an account -(create epic games account -  link here) 

you will be asked for name - display name - email address and password

This is the important bit

you need to know your sign in email and password which you use to access your xbox live account (the main email address and password to sign into a new xbox - or to sign into 

Fill in the create epic games account form using your Microsoft account name and password information - the display name can be anything - and if a message appears saying this name is already in use simply created a new displayname - don't worry this will NOT change your display name on the xbox but will become your display name when you play on a PC - the only important thing is to make sure the email and password are the ones you use on your xbox live account. remember that the displayname you set here will be the name that shows to your friends on PC when you add them. (and the name they will need to search for in order to add you... xbox friends still use your xbox display name)

Once you have signed in using the xbox live account details you will be able to access the epic games website - from here you can check the account settings and view the connected accounts and you will hopefully see that your xbox account is showing see screen shot below.

Now that you know the email address and password and have this sign in information - you can go to the PC launcher and use these credentials to sign into your xbox character on the PC
and from here you can add any friends you like - PC players epic game display names.

You can then Play the game on the PC using your XBOX character - all all information is carried across so if you purchased a battle pass or skin - these display on the pc and you can continue to tier up and move through the levels and changes will be reflected back onto your Xbox when you play there.

Ok so now you have connected your Xbox character to a epicgames account and know the login information and you can play on the PC and the Xbox with that character you perhaps want to know how to do this in reverse - ie play with your PC created character on your xbox.

If you have initially created your character on a PC and want to play him on an xbox - this is an easy link  - as long as the xbox account HAS NEVER played fortnite before.

If you have never played fortnite on your xbox and you only have the character and epic games account on your PC - simply go to the options to link an account via and then link to your Microsoft account.

If you have played fortnite on your xbox then you as mentioned above already have a epicgames account linked - and can not link another at the same time.

In this instant you have two options you can link to an new xbox live account and play your pc character via that, or you can remove the current character on your xbox name and link your PC character.

If you already have played on the xbox and you wish to UNLINK that account that has been created on the xbox in order to readd the character you created on the PC - you will have to follow my above instructions to find and log into the epic games account your Xbox is using - then go to the account settings - connected accounts - and follow the instructions to contact them to unlink the accounts.

Once the account has been unlinked your xbox account will be like 'new' with no account connected and so you can sign into your current PC character and connect that account to the microsoft account fo your xbox.

Once you have the ability to sign into your preferred account on a PC you can add friends and join parties across platforms and play together.

I do hope this all makes sence - the ability to link and play together across platforms is great- it has enabled my sons to play together with each other and friends on their preferred platforms - it has enabled us as a family to play together without buying another xbox - and it means that now I will not have to create several accounts so my boys can play on the xbox and Pc  with just buying one account. So a big thumbs up here and I hope that this leads the way for other games and they all cross platform too!


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