Tuesday, 6 April 2021

 Fix for the Hoover Wizard app

Hopefully this will remove the issues you are having:

Hoover Wizard - Apps on Google Play


Initially I installed the Hoover Wizard app on my samsung phone from google play.  When I signed up and signed in the app asked me to select my device, mine being a tumble dryer. It asked for a purchase date and then on the next page either to scan the code inside the door or type in the serial number.

As soon as I attempted either I got a message that I must be connected to the internet. Strange as I obviously already am connected so I tried another phone. (android)

nope same thing and same message.

I luckly had an old Iphone 5s laying around so i installed the app on that phone, Basically the same thing but this version states clearly that you must have 2.4G wifi only. I tried to ignore that and it appeared to let me type in the code and proceed for my serial number this time. The problem appeared when it came to in simple terms connecting to the home wifi. It just sat there and ended up saying no connection on the machine.

I then thought ok, I will do what it said on the iphone version.  I went to the router and turned off the 5G signal and restarted the app. Guess what it worked and once i ran through the purchase date, serial number, network password, it worked like a charm. Actually very quickly too, no hangs no long waiting in between pages.

I then decided to load up the app on the samsung and login with the same details as before which I used on both devices iphone and android. Yep, my tumble dryer was already added and working just like the Iphone version.

Ok in short my advice is if you get the no internet error on android, turn off or rename the 5G wifi signal. this is pretty easy just load up the routers page and login and simply turn off the 5G signal even if its just for testing purposes.

Now close the app and check you have a connection on your phone, I actually disconnected my phones wifi and enabled it again to make sure it certainly had joined the 2.4g wifi on the router. 

It works now quick and as it should.  I did find that if you leave the phone to go into standby or whatever for lenghts of time like I did overnight, the remote will not work the appliance, just close and open it to refresh the remote element of the app and get the connection back. Also just to be certain make sure bluestooth is on. I aint sure if it makes any difference but mine is and to replicate what I am doing I thought I would mention this.

I hope this helps someone out, I would have expected the 2.4G message to be as clearly stated on the android version but it either does not appear or is easily missed which causes this connection issue.

For the small amount of time it takes to turn off the 5G on the router and try again I think it was worth it.

If you do not want to turn it off altogether and know what you are doing just rename the 5G to something else like HS (high speed) on the end of the name so you can differetiate between the two signals for different devices in future. 

Cheers cya guys

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