Saturday, 18 December 2010

Holidays are coming!

Well with fear of bursting into the theme off the coca cola advert - Holidays are coming!!

I am so pleased the children have broken up from school, and we can really start to enjoy the holidays!

The past week has been filled with school parties, secret Santa sessions and Christmas concerts!
My three children are well and truly shattered! The general exhaustion from a 6 week stretch of school is enough to make them grumpy and foul, add that with the anticipation of Santa's visit and its a disaster waiting to happen!

So to see my daughter looking like she was going to fall asleep on her feet at the school Christmas play was not surprising, and to have to shout at the three of them consistently reminding them to play nice and not fight is getting routine. I am hoping though with them now having a week to chill out before the big day itself tempers calm and attitudes relax so that we can all have a lovely Christmas.

I am really looking forward to this Christmas this year, not only do we have our new puppy Jackson, who is sure to entertain us, we have been fortunate enough to have won a Early Learning Center competition which gave us £200 vouchers to spend in their store!

With some amazing offers on we managed to scoop some wonderful bargains!

I simply adore Early Learning Center toys, the quality and playability of them is amazing, with having my eldest who is now coming up to 9, we already have quite a good selection of their toys, all of which have been well played with and very much loved, and all are still going strong!
So when I won the competition and got my £200 vouchers to say I was happy would be an understatement, I was simply ecstatic! and couldn't wait to run and go spend the vouchers!

We got into our local store and couldn't decided on what goodies to pick, the choice is more than adequate, there is literally something for everyone, from books to art materials to huge play sets right down to pocket money stocking fillers.
We already have the Tower of doom,(all be it the old style as you can see in the picture my youngest loves it, we have had it several years now and it is one toy that gets played with again and agian) we also have the pirates ship which is hugely popular here, along with the pirate figures and various knights and bad guys to go with the Tower, however my two boys really are huge fans of all things medieval, and my eldest still plays with the Tower of doom, so we decided to add to our collection and brought the castle of courage which really will give the boys a great role play

As we walked around the store my partners attention kept being drawn to the beautiful cobblestone farm set and the wonderfully realistic schleich animals, so we agreed on a selection of them for my daughter, who is mad on anything with fur, she is an awkward one for toys as she doesn't often show much interest in 'playing' so I am really hoping the farm set and the realism of the animals will grab her imagination, and because of the amazing 50% off sale, we managed to grab a load of swampsterz, which I'm sure will be a huge hit to my youngest, and this amazing Dino racer set which looks a lot of fun!

I will do reviews of all these toys but obviously at the moment Father Christmas is very kindly looking after them for me, and if my three behave extremely well we are hoping he brings them on Christmas eve night!

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