Saturday, 8 January 2011

one week in....

So a week into the new year, a full week back to 'normal' everyone back to school, the alarm clock beeping at an hour I'd rather not see, the dark mornings, cold and wet this week, waking up all three children, whos ability to sleep in late only seems to be present on school days, and then rushing round making sure if we have the P.E kits, violins, and swimming kits on the correct days, to then get to school with said items and realize the schools normal activity routine doesn't start for another week so no swimming kits were needed in the first place.

But we got through it, with a few unexpected turns on the way, my grandparents are having alot of trouble with their house phone line and I have been trying my best to sort that out for them, but it is getting increasingly difficult to get any answers from anyone about what is actually happening, and if anyone is actually helping them get it fixed, ah well I'll keep plugging away at them and hope that someone gets their act together and sorts things, they have had enough bad luck to last them this year at least!

I will make more of an effort with the blog, it was one of my new year hopes, to get on top of the whole 'blog' idea and stick with it, so far I've not been very good at that have I!
next week I will do better I promise!


  1. Hiya, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I look forward to following you and reading more of your blog x

  2. Hi Sarah, Nice to "meet" you! I hope you enjoy a great year of blogging!


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