Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bank holidays!

We've been lucky this month the bank holidays have all been lovely weather wise, and we were given another bank holiday to celebrate the Royal Wedding, something I was skeptical about and wasn't overly interested in on the run up to, but the day came, and we all sat and watched the wedding live on TV and I must say I was so glad we did, it was a lovely wedding, a beautiful service, the atmosphere was so nice, I was truly happy for HRH Prince William and Kate, I wholeheartedly wish them well in the future.

With that aside tho, we have enjoyed not only the Easter bank holidays, but the wedding holiday and then coming up May day holiday tomorrow.

I will be sad to see the new term begin at school and go back to the steady routine of early mornings and grumpy children in the evenings, but it is not all that long now till the summer holidays!

Heres a Picture from the other day at the local forestry park.

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