Monday 27 June 2011

Cycocycle - CrAzY FuN

Toys r us sent us a cycocycle to review as part of the toyologist program, what an amazing product!

Setting up!

The box arrived, just a bland cardboard box, we opened it up and were greated with an odd looking bike, or is it described as a trike? or maybe a scooter... well whatever you want to describe it as its very well made, its got one 20" tyre at the front, and two smaller ones at the back, the tyres are BMX style pneumatics tyres with Multi tread design for secure traction on pavements, grass and dirt, it has a unicycle style bike seat with a handle at the front and back, its in a rather fetching yellow and has 'Cycocycle Crazy fun' as its moto'

Dad quickly and easily put it together, with the tools supplied, you just need a pump to pump the tyres up.

The cycocycle folds up for easy transport and storage, which is a great feature, it's easy to fold and un fold with a quick release lock in mechanism the front wheel folds up towards the back wheels

As shown in the video here:


I have never seen or tried anything quite like the Cycocycle, it really is a bizzar combination between a unicycle, trike and bike, with scooter features thrown in for good measures.

It states on the Toys R us website that its age range is 13+ my eldest is 9, and managed it well, my daughter is 8 and also managed it well, but they are quite tall, the steering takes a little bit of practise, and it is quite difficult to get to grips with the balance on slopes, but it is lots of fun and definitely worth the effort.

There are so many possibilities with this, as your confidence grows then you can practise tricks, there is a step bar at the back, with a grip strip which can be used to scoot along or to take a passenger, the 360 degree spin factor to the front wheel means you can ride this any way round you choose!

you can pedal both forwards and back, we found that changing direction with the pedals acts like brakes, as obviously there are no traditional breaks.

Be prepared to have a few falls before you grasp exactly how to ride this but every time my two children had a fall they were laughing and jumped straight back on.

Take a look at my video below This was the first time out on the Cycocycle and both children had grasped steering well after the first 10 minutes or so. (Watch to the end to see the outakes and falls!)

When I asked Chloe what she thought of the cycocycle she said 'its amazing, a bit hard to ride at first but its lots of fun!'

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