Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Gallery - I'm gatetful for

I have been meaning to join in with sticky fingers gallery posts for some time, seems as I love taking photos so here I am joining in for the first time, and will make sure I try and keep going with this :)

' This post is for Week 60 of The Gallery: I'm Grateful For and is in recognition of the lovely Chris who set off on a journey with Save the Children on Monday.
You can follow her progress on her blog Thinly Spread.
So what are you grateful for?'

I am grateful for so many things, I pondered on posting a picture of us eating, so grateful to have food when we want it, or maybe a picture of us snug in our beds at night, grateful for the comforts we all have... but in the end I opted for what I am as equally grateful for - the funny moments everyday that make you remember to smile...


  1. And I'm grateful to have had the chance to see such a fantastic shot!

  2. Aww so sweet and great photo and post x


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