Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Gallery - Travel

The Gallery theme this week is Travel, over at sticky fingers blog, they talk about amazing around the world journeys and mention a wonderful blog I hadn't come across until now but is most definitely worth a look It's a small world after all which is inspiring to say the least, it also makes me think of a blog I stumbled across a few months ago which is life inspiring too The Wonering Wanders, who are not traveling the world but are on a life changing adventure of self discovery around the UK.

These blogs really do take 'Travel' to its full sense and meaning, and where I would love to be able to write about my stories of places far and new, I can't. I have never been abroad, never seen the wonderful places splashed in tourist magazines, so my travel experiences are pretty grim in comparison. My mum and dad had a caravan when we were growing up and although we didn't do anything quite so radical as the Wondering wanders we did spend many many happy weekends around and about in local countryside, blissfully happy running through forests and watching the wildlife. With my own children we did have a caravan a few years back, but circumstances changed and we had to sell it, we also have had many tents and I do love camping, the furthest place we've travel has to be Shell Island in Wales, we went there a couple of years ago. It is a beautiful place nothing much in terms of amusement or entertainment, just other campers and a beautiful stretch of beach.

So this picture is one from Shell Island in wales. It may not be exotic or life changing, we may not have traveled the world but we have seen the sea and one day we may well get to cross it and explore them distant lands.


  1. I haven't been abroad loads of time or travelled the world. My parents had a caravan too and I think that holidays are what you make of them, not where you are. I had so many good holidays at the caravan, equally as good as when I went aboard. A great post and such a cute picture. x

  2. I love this picture for how it shouts out the carefree abandon of childhood. I also love the Welsh coast - Tal-y-bont is a favourite.

  3. Agree with Susan - travel is about getting away somewhere and having a good time. Kids love nothing better than the great outdoors! This is a great pic - love the way the breeze is ruffling his hair!


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