Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Keep the kids active this summer!

Last week I received an email from the PR people at Robinsons asking if I would like to test their new online social activity game aimed at school aged Children called Champion of the playground.

I'd not heard about this new online game, and thought it'd be good to put it through its paces.

So when the box with a digital skipping rope, a digital beanbag style ball called the digi kick, along with a webcam and crown landed on my door mat I was eager to find out what it was all about.

You remember last year Robinsons ran a advert 'whats your juice?' to try and inspire children to try out new skills They have this year given the website www.fruitshoot.com a revamp and developed a whole new online game called 'champions of the playground' Maybe your children have already started talking about it?

Basically the concept is that you can play online and create your own Virtual Avatar

You can then use your character to play online games, the various games have web cam options where you can play in a interactive style, where you move around the webcam picks up your movements and uses that to control the game.

The little online characters stack up ontop of each other and each time you get a higher score your little character jumps up the stack until you are the champion of the playground and claim the crown, there are three leader boards to keep an eye on : one shows the 'All Time Leader', one shows the 'Weekly leader', and one shows your 'friends' only.

When you create your character you pick out a triple barrel name from their list, so its perfectly safe no 'real' names are involved, no personal info apart from an email address is required for sign up and its really simple to get going. Once you have your character you can find your friends if you know their unique name and add them to your friends leader board and then compete to see who can earn trophies and stay at the top of the leader boards.

But the main draw to the fun is that you can purchase a Digi - Skip, and a Digi Kick (retailing at the mo for £10 each including P&P but I have noticed they are running a competition where they are giving 100 kits away aday! ) these great bits of kit enable you to track your progress as you learn new skills, and as you use the digital kit they clock up points and give you an unique code to input into the website which results in you gaining more points and pushes you up the leader boards!

This is a really fun idea and it hopefully will get kids interested in being active, all three of mine love the digi kit and have been playing with it constantly trying to beat each others scores!
Chloe who loves skipping really likes the digi rope as she can keep trying to better her score which is great, the ball is fun but as yet all three of mine are still learning with this one (but we're not really very footbally people so its a new skill) It has been loads of fun for us as a family and something we will continue to play with and practise new skills together!

So if you haven't already, pop on over to the new Fruitshoot website and be sure to enter the digi kit competition by clicking here: Fruitshoot competition and hopefully you will get your hands on some digi kits a great way to entertain the kids and keep them active this summer holiday!

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