Friday, 12 August 2011

Cheap activities to entertain everyone

We're half way through the summer holidays, we've been lucky for the first couple of weeks weather wise which has meant that days can be spent outside with relatively little planning in terms of 'activities' to keep the little ones occupied.

But this great weather as always, doesn't last.
So heres a few of my favourite activities to entertain on a rainy day.

We all love to do a jigsaw, with shops such as The Works, and HomeBargains, restocking with new jigsaws doesn't have to cost the earth. We picked up these lovely little 25 piece jigsaws from Homebargains for just 29p each! we brought 4 of them, they are simple enough for my youngest to complete, yet the designs are appealing to my eldest as well and they have had races to see who can complete their jigsaw first.

Making Models
Getting creative is always good fun, and you don't have to spend the earth on art supplies, a cardboard box and some paint will create endless hours of fun, you can also hunt out a bargain such as these Harry Potter plaster model kits which are a real bargain for £3.99 and can be brought online from homebargain new online store!

Drawing is one of my daughters all time favourite pass times and we can always be sure with A4 paper some glue and scissors and crayons and she will be happy for hours!

Playing cards
A standard pack of ordinary playing cards can give hours of rainy day fun, there are so many games to play, such as solitaire, or more group games like old maid are favourites of ours. Also who doesn't love building card houses?

Simple things are aways the best, rice krispie cakes, jam tarts or gingerbread snakes are always a sure way to make a rainy afternoon seem alot more fun!


  1. Great set of ideas to keep the summer boredom at bay!

    Visiting back via the Monday Mingling Bloghop thingy!! :-)



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