Sunday, 7 August 2011

The LeapPad in depth!!

The LeapPad from Leapfrog is set to be a massive hit, but I'm sure everyone wants to know what they really are all about, will they really occupy the children, what games come with them and how do they work?

So I have put together a full in depth video review for you which you can find below

Here are some points to also note:

  • on the product info LeapFrog state that the LeapPad will be available with 100+ learning games, books and aps. They mean there are over 100+ aps for you to purchase as and when you wish so there will be something to suit everyone with famous characters such as Disney Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell and Dora the Explorer along with other favourites such as Starwars.
  • The LeapPad come with a built in Camera and Edit suite which allows children to take photos and video recordings
  • There is also a built in Microphone and children can add narration to their own stories and eBooks
  • The LeapPad will need to connect to the Internet and be registered in order to download the 3 free aps after purchase
  • The 3 aps provided are 'art studio' 'story studio' and then one other of your choice (these may be subject to change due to my review being based on the information I have pre release Leapfrog may alter any additional aps and games before the LeapPad hit the shelves)
  • A Pet Pad ap is pre installed on the LeapPad for you
  • All Leapster Explorer games are compatible with the LeapPad
  • There is a volume control on the front of the LeapPad and also a headphone socket
  • The LeapPad takes 4 x AA batteries which are NOT included also it has the ability to plug in a AC power adapter again this is NOT included
In the box you get the LeapPad, two stylus pens, a USB cable and CD to allow you to connect the LeapPad to your computer

The age rating is 4- 9 years I feel that the games and aps are simple and easy for younger children to manage and yet there is still enough interest to them to entertain older children.

Amongst the catalogue of available aps are videos which can be purchased and downloaded onto your LeapPad these would entertain any child great for car journeys!

Also with its unique reading system on the interactive eBooks it is a great education toy to encourage new reading skillsLink
The LeapPad is due to be released 15th August 2011 and is available now for PreOrder from Toys R us priced at £79.99

Take a Look at our 'LeapPad - first look' where I show a video of Mikey my 4 year old playing on one of the additional purchase game aps Roly poly Picnic

I will be doing another review of connecting to the computer and downloading the aps as soon as I get confirmation from Leapfrog that the ap store is running.

but for now check out my full in depth video review here:


  1. This great!! I now have an idea what to get number 1 son for his birthday

  2. Awsome!! My 3 yeard old is turning 4 now in may 5th n I was thinking on getting her this device. But wanted to know a little more info and finally came across it. Thanks :)


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