Tuesday 2 August 2011

social media - good bad or ugly?

I have had my blog now for 8 months, its come along way, and I have actually stuck with it, I love it, I love writing on here, although I struggle with what to write and half the time I start a post then decided not to post it, I have been very fortunate to be included in the amazing Toys R us Toyology program and I count my blessings every day for this opportunity.
I love posting photos as part of the silent Sunday meme, and I love storing the memories of my childrens lives.

I love social media, the buzz that flies around on twitter and facebook when people get involved in something, I love watching companies promote themselves, seeing the 'real' people behind the brands and feeling apart of something, even tho I tend to stick to the side lines and only poke my head in here and there.

I also love a good competition, of course I do, but I have trouble with the whole competition business, I am quite a modest person, I don't ask for much, and would rather go without than ask for things for myself, so competitions kind of grate on this reasoning, I enter competitions more so to spread the news not to win, to let my friends know about the chance, but I'm not sure if my friends appreciate this, or see me as greedy entering them, sometimes I don't enter them at all and just share them. I love entering the ones with a bit of skill factor, making a video, taking a photo or such like, makes me feel more deserving, if I do win.

Don't get me wrong I do love to enter competitions, I only enter ones which have prizes I really would like or do need, I don't just enter for enterings sake, and I know I have been 'lucky' and have won a few amazing cometitions and the thrill of seeing your name shortlisted or called as a winner really is amazing.

not to mention the fact my blog has brought me lots of opportunities and I'm thankful for them, it has enabled us to do things this summer, which I couldn't of done without it, and I feel bad for this, knowing that makes me more fortunate than most, so to enter competitions whilst being fortunate is greedy, isn't it?

You see greed worries me, I have had so many things happen where greed has spoilt the most perfect things, I have truly seen how people who want it all can become quickly the most horrible people you could meet. I have seen some horrible actions, all born out of greed. I've watched and observed peoples attitudes change when their minds cloud over with self centered thoughts, I don't dwell on the things that's happened to us, I am a naturally positive person and I hate to think that people think I am acting in a way that appears greedy.

So this is where I watch the amazing things on facebook pages like Lola Lola, who seem to give things away in random acts of kindness, and where I think this is an amazing concept, one really to be thankful for, I watch people entering competitions and winning some pretty stunning things, and instead of joining in with these I sit on the sidelines. Then question why I'm doing so, is it right to feel like you should not benefit from something because you already have been 'lucky' in another area? Even if you might have just as troubled personal circumstances, what makes you anymore deserving than the next, or is it a simple matter of if you take the intuitive to join in, and you win then you're deserving? I don't know.

I do know tho that if you are looking for a fab place to hang out who give away a fair amount of freebies then go see Lola Lola on facebook (I do genuinely 'like' this page in the sense of I think its great - but I haven't actually joined in any of their giveaways... I'm just sitting watching them make everyone else happy, and would love to see them make my friends happy )


  1. I rarely enter comps as mostly I just find I am not that interested in the prize. I do host a fair few competitions though and if the prize was something we wanted then I would have to qualms to enter as I deem myself fortunate and lucky.

    As a Christian I believe that things happen for a reason and therefore if I win it would be God's wishes so I would not worry at all to have won. I have entered competiitons (like the Toys R Us Toyologists one) to try and win witht he aim of the toys going to Church for review but I was not successful so I just took that as the message that it was not the right time.

    We each have to do what is right for us, we are all different.

    Mich x

  2. Thanks for your comments Mich, you have a sensible outlook :)

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