Thursday, 1 September 2011

I REALLY need your help!

A few months ago Mercedes Benz announced they were running a competition to win a new Vito van
our entry is here : you need to click through to see the final ten then find ours bottom row, 2nd in from the left, with the red car and our personally  wrote and performed song, we really treid hard with our entry and hope you enjoy it!  This is a run down of how how we entered..
WOW I though, wouldn't that just be amazing if we won... we currently only have a tiny rover metro, and have had serious bad luck in the whole transport department!

The competition entry requirements were to make a short video or a photo with why you wanted to win.

Thats simple I thought, we would love a Vito because 'our cars too small!'

I had this idea that we could film us trying to fit some of our things in our tiny car, the three children, the dog, the bikes... we just can't get them all in our car!

So I managed to round up the children, who coincidentally were all running around outside when the thought came into my head, and hence them not looking very smart in the video!

They surprised me by playing along perfectly and I filmed them for about 5 minutes before they ran off to continue their game.

I then sat staring at my computer thinking about how to make a great video, I said to Darren we just need some catchy music... leave that to me he said and then we brain stormed all night with different wording and sound tracks until in the early hours of the morning we finally finished and had made what we considered to be a really great tune.

I added the music to the video footage, found a clip of the Vito van and quickly entered our submission, I then held my breath and waited, the following few weeks more and more entries appeared and some were simply amazing, every time I checked the website there was another brilliant entry there, then the day came and the competition was closed, no more entries were being accepted, nothing more we could do, so we waited, weeks passed and then today in my email inbox I received the best news ever, our entry has been submitted to the final 10 and is now through to the public vote!

Great! or is it? our entry has been shortlisted by the wonderful people at Mercedes, and is now through to the Public VOTE... so thats where I need your help.

Please please take five minutes to go view the entries and if you feel we are deserving enough could you spare five minutes of your time and vote for our video?

I am always sceptical of voting competitions and as I have said before I do tend to stick to competitions that I feel have a bit of a skill factor to them, and I only enter ones which I really would love to win, this competition did fit both them scenarios however the skill alone isn't enough to out and out win not without some support...

So I would truly love for you to support us in this competition, and if you could share this post with any of your friends that would be great too :)

Here is a walk through of how to vote,  there are a couple of things that if you don't do your vote won't count..

So please visit the made for the people website by clicking here: 

Click the notice board when it says 'the votes are in vote now!' and you will be taken to this screen below.
then Click VOTE NOW to be taken to the following screen and view the entries
Our entry is highlighted above with the red box - its on the second row 2 in from the left
When you click on our entry it is displayed larger on the right, and you can watch our video.

Once you have watched our video, and the other entries if you choose, and you have found your winner, then click 'vote for this' as highlighted above
When you click on the vote button a pop up box will likely appear under the address bar of your browser, you will need to allow pop ups in order for the vote to be counted,
once you have allowed the pop ups for your vote will be able to be counted and you will see the facebook application load 

You have to allow this and that's it you are done.

Please be patient with the website it is quiet slow to load, and please can you let me know if your vote doesn't seem to count, if you have not seen the above facebook app request then the likelihood is you have not completed the vote steps.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote we truly appreciate every one!

If you want to keep an eye out for future great offers and competitions from Mercedes Benz then make sure you follow them on twitter, and like them on facebook 

Please Please keep trying I know some of you are having trouble voting, the pop up allowing seems to be stopping alot of people so please make sure you double check there is no 'allow pop ups' bar at the top of your web browser, also your vote is not registered until you receive a message saying it has been counted.


  1. I'm having trouble getting onto the website. It could be because I'm on the iPad. I've saved the post and will vote for you tomorrow from the pc.

    Really wish you loads of luck.
    CJ xx

  2. I tried to vote but the page is taking too long to load.... 5 minutes and stuck on 40% (my PC is a bit sick at the mo)

    Will try to vote from work tomorrow!!

    Good luck hun x

  3. thank you so much for trying to vote, alot of my friends are sayign they are struggeling to vote either the page does not load at all, or when it finally does the votes are not counting :( BUT I hope that is because it is just very busy, the voting is open for a month so if you could try again that would be great :)

  4. Brilliant video...Love the music! I voted, it took a couple of attempts to load the page but got there in the end. Hope you Win, Good Luck! x

  5. love it, a lot of work went into that. kids were little stars, loved the wee one wandering at the bak copying the bigger one. good luck hun. now sitting at 42 votes

  6. DO you know what? That video is amazing, you definitely deserve to win it! Voted

  7. I finally managed to get on this afternoon - I had the same problems with the site being really slow.

    I love your video - and it's great to see that you're in the lead right now!

    Best of luck!

  8. Just voted - didn't get any kind of confirmation box though, so hoping its registered x


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