Monday 3 October 2011

Chuggington Wooden Railway

We received the Chuggington Wooden Railway set to review in our 4th Toyology box

This Great wooden railway set is ideal for little hands, the track is sturdy and clips together really well, the Trains are nicely detailed and as they show the familiar characters from Chuggington TV series this really makes a lovely play set.

In the Over and Under set, you get 17 track pieces, two tunnels, which can also be stacked to make a clock tower, 2 Trains (Wilson and Koko) and Vee.

The Track can be clipped together in anyway your children like and as they get used to the set they can build up different railways for the trains to play on, there are other track sets available and you can further your collection by purchasing other Character Trains.

When we received this set Mikey was kean to get it out and have a play, although we aren't a big TV watching family so he is not specifically into Chuggington, however we also invited round the neighbours little boy to give this a test, and our niece and nephews. aged between 18 months and 5 years, all of which were eager to get this out of the box.

All the children could happily play with this set, although there are only 2 trains, the girls enjoyed building the set up and the boys happily played together pushing the trains over and under the clock tower.

The main downside to this set is that because the clock tower is 2 separate pieces when you build it up little hands tend to knock the top pieces off, Mikey who is 4 was able to play without knocking the tower down, however the younger boys found that every time they pushed the trains through the top section the tower came apart, so we found it better to have it as two separate tunnels.

This set is priced £39.99 from Toys R us now, and additional Trains can be purchased from £9.99

The detail and quality of this set is high, and will withstand many hours of play and is sure to be a big hit to any Chuggington fans and will appeal to a wide age range.

take a look at our video review here:

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