Sunday, 16 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 keyword searches

The wonderful Kate, over at Kate takes 5 has a really fun listography this week, what are the top 5 most searched for keywords, except for your blog name...

I do check my stats from time to time but I very rarely check the traffic searches, after laughing at Kates Peas, and Naked Blond search results I was intrigued to see what mine were, I don't actually have many posts with funny words in so its not surprising that my all time keywords are pretty boring ones, mainly variations of  childhood rash, or spots on feet or mollescum, from this post here : ugly truth to being a parent, which hands down gets most google traffic, but if you by pass these keywords and look into the keywords from this week instead of all time or month as they simply involved several variations of the above mentioned, then they get more amusing, and I think I will have to start keeping check on what brings people to my blog more often!

Ok so I have used the top five from this week for the fun factor sorry to bend the rules slightly but it would have been no fun otherwise, so here we go...

1,  LeapPad Explorer : Pretty obvious really and I hope everyone enjoys my reviews on this, it is a highly popular item, sure to be in alot of peoples Christmas stocking this year,  my two you tube video reviews have had over 18000 and 15000 hits!

2, Zoobles come in next, Seems these will be a big hit this Christmas with the girls! coincidentally if you want zoobles its this months prize in my competition which you can find here : 'Zoobles giveaway'

3, Annoying Monster, pips in next which will land you at this post 'We've all got an annoying little monster'... wondering if the people searching were actually looking for these toys or some other annoying monsters!?

4,  Then comes my favourite strange search term... and I kid you not.. 'Harry and the Hendersons doll with Pencil in its head' which made me laugh!! I do not have any reference to Harry having pencils in his head! but I do have this post here :  Memories

5, Then comes 'Games like PVZ' which is obviously Plants vs Zombies... and if you don't know what game this is you are definitely missing out! I'm assuming this search would bring you here: Pop Caps Plant vz Zombies

Ok so thats my top five searched keywords from this week... now I'm going to go look at everyone elses which can be found over at Kate Takes 5's blog


  1. 1800 hits on YouTube !!!!!! OMG thats amazing.
    LOL, I'm off to investigate now :0)

  2. it rises every day its on 19003 views now!! its a video of mikes playing on it not really very informative and the cmaera moves all over theplace but hey ho lol if you want to take a look ;)

  3. My daughter is getting a LeapPad Explorer this Christmas, especially after reading the informative reviews on the parenting blogs : )
    Love the pencil in the dolls head . . truly a random search!

  4. Oh I love number 4! That is brilliant.

  5. I don't want to know what the pencil in the head is...People obviously like reviews. I suppose if you are going to spend the bucks it's better to have seen a a clip or read a review.

  6. More interesting than my non-existent ones. Love the mix everyone gets

  7. It does make me laugh what people search for and how that search can direct them to your blog! Funny x

  8. hahaha number 4 is brilliant! Who the hell searched for that?!

  9. Jeez none of my reviews ever generated that kind of traffic! I love love love your Harry and the Hendersons one!

  10. Fun list - even if you had to bend the rules to do it ;-)


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