Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nerf Vortex Proton Blaster

When my three saw three Nerf guns in the Toyologist box they were thrilled, my eldest many times has asked for a Nerf Gun

So I was intrigued to see what the fuss was all about with these Nerf Guns, which are from the Vortex Range of blasters, these blasters range in price and size,

The Proton is the smallest blaster in the Vortex range, priced  at £12.99 it is a very sturdy gun, and comes with 3 Nerf Discs which are soft on the edges to prevent broken windows. You can also purchase additional ammo if you loose you original discs (which you probably will!)

The key to the Nerf Vortex range is the rapid fire, long distance shooting they boast, the guns fire VERY fast, so fast you can't really see where the bullets are flying too, or coming from and the discs can travel huge distances!

We were sent two Protons to review, which was great as the fun is in the game, my three have spent many happy hours running around the house and garden having Nerf battles!

The Nerf guns are a very well made they are extremely sturdy and can withstand being dropped and bashed around abit, the age rating is 8 for the proton but my youngest who is 4 could use it easily, with a slide open compartment to load the disc, which opens easily. No batteries are required either which make these a toy which can be picked up and used over and over again without the worry of having to find replacement batteries!

I can see these lasting many years and always being a big hit, so the price of £12.99 is very reasonable and well worth it for the quality of the gun which is sure to be something which will last and last.

Heres a video review showing how my 4 year old can easily manage the Proton Blaster.


  1. What a ridiculous review. Why would anyone want to promote gun capable of removing a child's eye to their children.

    All it takes if for one of the children to fire at the face when the other is off guard.

    1. The guns have an age rating of 8 and above, however the smaller proton gun is small enough for younger children to use if they want to join in the fun with older siblings, the discs are not hard or sharp and I feel the potential injury theat is minimal when playing with these guns, they do fire fast and I guess in close range could possible hurt someone slightly but I personally feel the risk is minimal. It is ultimaely upto the parent to assess if they feel these guns are ok for their children to play with, however I think supervised controlled play with older siblings these can be great fun.


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