Saturday, 19 November 2011

Being Creative.

Christmas is everywhere, everyone seems to be starting to get festive, Christmas TV adverts, Christmas displays in all the shops even Santas coming to local towns to visit the children.

Today a friend of mine asked me if I could edit her a photo for her to print out on her Christmas Cards, so I opened Paint Shop Pro for the first time in months.

For those who don't know Paint Shop Pro is a great editing program and with it you can do a whole manner of things. Over the past years I have self taught how to make graphical designs and digital scrap pages, or tags/signatures as some people call them, but recently I have neglected this and haven't spent any time on it at all.

I have always loved the wonderful designs both real and virtual scrapbooks create and I could spend hours looking at the wonderful designs that others make, although I have never actually tried to make a real scrapbook with paper and scissors.

However I have loved making digital scrapbook pages over the years, so it was a real nice change to spend some time in Paint Shop Pro this evening happily editing away.

Basically what digital scrapbooking is, is where you cut out photos in a editing program such as paint shop pro, and you place elements around the photos in the same sort of way as you would with real life scrapbooks.

So here is the first Digital Scrap page I have made in far too long, I am hoping to try and dedicate abit of time each week to get back into digital scrapbooking as I do really enjoy it.

Credits: Kit I used is
"The magic of Christmas" by Thaliris designs.


  1. very nice, i used to use it too, plus photoshop BC, now I only seem to have time to tweet...

  2. I go through spells with PSP use it loads, then suddenly stop and dont get a chance to load it for months and months, If it hadn't been for my friend asking her to edit her pic today I Probably wouldn't have sat and done this, always seems to be sometthing else to do especially after children ;)


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