Sunday 6 November 2011

Monsterious Fun!

We received the great Monster Bingo from Orchard Toys to review for IzziWizziKids

If you are not familiar with Orchards range of toys, then you are missing out, they make a lovely range of educational Puzzles and games for children aged from 18 months right through to 12 years old, they are all produced in the UK and all boards and packaging is made from recycled material.

They have a firm belief in making learning fun, with their bright designs and great quality their games and puzzles are sure to be a huge hit with everyone.

Monster Bingo is a great game, which helps to promote childrens colour and shape matching skills and observation and listening skills. It combines great fun monster characters with the educational benefit.

In the box you get 4 boards which have 16 colourful monsters on, each monster is a different shape and colour, the boards are double sided so you can play and play without always using the same set of characters.

You also get 64 splat counters to cover your board with, 2 dice, and a set of counters which each have a coloured shape on, this gives you two ways to play, you can either roll the dice to create a colour/shape combination or you can pick up a counter.

We also found there are many options to change the game play, making it intresting each time you play. You can take it in turns to call out a combination (using the tiles or dice) or you can designate a set caller who calls out until someone wins.
Also you can have the winner is the first to cover the entire board, or maybe the winner will be first to complete a line.

The great thing about this game is my eldest two who are 8 and 9 joined in and loved it as much as my youngest who is 4. They especially enjoyed when we played and they were the 'desginated caller' with there being 4 boards it is great to get the whole family involved, but equally so it is just as much fun with just 2 players, and myself and my youngest have enjoyed playing this together.

The board and counters although are cardboard, are very sturdy and so would be highly durable.

The only downside to this fun game is that you only get enough counters to cover the monsters, no extras, which wouldn't matter if you were leaving the splat tiles in the center, but if you gave 16 to each player like we tend to do, then if you loose one it would be a shame, so it would have been nice to perhaps have a couple of spares of these, also you do not get a little bag or anything to keep the counters in, but the box itself is strong and sturdy so you can throw all the counters back in there once you have done.

This really is a lovely game and priced at just under £10 would make a lovely Christmas gift, its bright and colourful and sure to be a favourite with all ages.

Here's My video Review:

Be sure to check out Monster bingo, and the other great toys in the Orchard range on Orchards Website which can be found here: Orchard Toys,  you can also follow them on Twitter here: @orchardtoys or on Facebook here :  Orchard Toys


  1. My ones love the Orchard Toys games. Haven't tried that one yet.

  2. Orchard games are great, this one is lots of fun maybe a good christmas stocking filler :) x

  3. Orchard Games rock! We have most of them and my kids love them - and learn from them :)


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