Monday 28 November 2011

Toy Story..

Toy Story has become a classic film hasn't it, it is one of them films all children love, its friendly characters that come to life is what every child imagines their toys to do.

There is a huge selection of Toys Story toys available, and we were lucky enough to be sent a Toy Story Buzz Lightyear to review as part of the toys R us toyologist programme.

This Buzz is The  Andys Toy Collection Space Ranger Buzz, it is one of the more expensive Buzz lightyears but you do get alot of features for your money. He retails around £49.99

He stands around 12 inches tall, and has amazing film accurate details, he has 2 modes of play, toy Buzz and Space Ranger mode.

He also has pop out wings, an opening command panel on his arm, laser and working helmet.

You select through the modes by pressing the buttons on the front of Buzz. In Toy buzz mode (small red button) Buss will say a select few statements, and his features make set noises.

However when you activate the Space Ranger mode (blue button) Buzz comes alive. In this mode he moves his head and talks in the real movie voice. He also interacts with all his features, making various statements depending on what you do, for example he will say thank you for closing his helmet, or tell you off for opening it! He will ask to go on an adventure when you pop out his wings. But whats more in Space Ranger mode he will also listen to you, and respond when you speak, if you shout at him he will tell you there is no need to raise your voice! There are so many features to this Buzz lightyear and he comes out with so many different phrases it really does make him seem real!

Another great feature is  in Space Ranger mode when you pop out his wings they light up, and he makes a special flying noise as you move him around, he can tell when he is flying or when you stand him up. My youngest loves this feature!

The box that Buzz comes in is a cardboard box, it does come with two cardboard wings, however I did not attach these myself as I thought it would be rather flimsy, but if you wanted to you could add these and turn the box into a spaceship which I guess is a nice feature. There is also a certificate of authenticity which comes with this Buzz which is a lovely added touch.

Buzz comes in a Demo mode, so when you receive him you have to remember to switch him into the ON mode which is found under his body section. If you don't select the full ON mode you won't benefit from all his features.

He takes 3 x AA batteries but they are already installed and should last a good while

This is a really great Buzz lightyear, and although he is one of the more expensive Buzz toys he certainly has plenty of features to keep you entertained and occupied. He cane be purchased now online at Toys R us here: Buzz Lightyear

heres a video review.


  1. Great review and sounds like fun! (For me and the kids. LOL)

  2. Came here from the link provided from ToysRUs :) ..Well written Review !


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