Friday, 16 December 2011

Light Strikes!

We received the light strikes in our final box of Toys R us Toyologist toys and what a fab set of toys to receive.

So what are Light Strikes? For anyone who has heard of Laser Quest then these blasters bring that to your house with interactive guns which can be used single player or to enhance play  you can create team groups and enjoy more of the features. When you have more than one blaster you can each select a team colour and then fire at each other resulting in the opponents health meter decreasing if you hit on target. These blasters really do bring video games to your home with the lights and sounds and interactions you will all be eager to have a go!

There are several different Light Strike Blasters in the range, starting from around £29.99 for the Striker S.P 144 Pistol This is a great sized blaster, easily manageable for the younger children, it has 4 buttons easily accessible on the top of the blaster where you can select different features, you can change the colour of your team and activate a shield, this gun has instant ammo reload to make it easy fast and fun for everyone. Also included is a mini target which lights up the colour of your chosen team when you shoot at it, so you can practise your target skills.

small light strike pistol gun boys toys fun with light activated target

Then for someone who wants a more advanced blaster there are a couple of more expensive blasters such as the Assault striker GAR 0.23 which is priced at £39.99  This is a bigger blaster which has lots of features, it works from touch sensitive buttons, and includes a finger print recognition feature so when you first switch the gun on it will not proceed with any functions until you have placed your finger on the finger print sensor. Then you can choose your team colour, and select from a series of different weapon styles.

light strike bpys toys fun with beams of light whats in the box content

The bigger blasters in the Light strike range also have the ability to be upgraded with additional add ons such as a scope and rapid fire feature. These are purchased separately at £9.99 each.

light strike scope add on extras to the light strike gun range

Light Strike blasters are great fun, with their light up sections and ability to visually show your ammo and health with light up meters, and the noise they make upon firring and receiving hits really make for a great interactive blaster and my boy absolutely love them!

The Blaster requires 4 x AA batteries and the Target requires 3 xAAA batteries which do not come included so it is worth making sure you have these available before you purchase the blaster. We put Philips batteries in when we received the guns a month ago and have not had to replace them yet and they have been played with on lots of occasions!

The targets you receive with the blasters are great and have a belt clip on the back, but we have not used them to clip onto our clothes but rather placed them in different rooms and the boys have loved trying to defend their target and make sure the other doesn't sneek in and mange to change it colour! There are lots of ways to play with these light strike blasters and because with the larger gun there are so many features they are sure to hold their appeal for a long time!

We have had them just over a month now and they are still being very much loved and used, my youngest loves to play by himself simply firing at the target changing its colour, my eldest two love to have battles in the dark! These guns work well in bright light as well as dark and so are great for out doors as well as in side, they also have headphone sockets so if you prefer a quiet house that's useful... but be aware that having battles results in lots of laughing and shouting even if headphones are used!

So for a summary we loved the Light Strikes and think they would be well received by any boys (or girls!) this Christmas, so if you have an awkward 10 year old boy who you are struggling to know what to buy for that would be loved then look no further! The range of Light Strikes can be seen at Toys R us here : Light Strikes and whilst buying all the different elements could result in a  pricey set, it is not essential to spend money on it all in one go for these to be enjoyed, and this range can be something you can add to at birthdays or special occasions through out the year to keep the interest going.

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