Thursday, 8 December 2011

Playmobil - great boys toys!

a few months ago we received the playmobil secret agent grip figure, he is a single figure, priced at around £3 and my boys love him, although they only have a very small amount of playmobil to join him in his adventures.

Then in our final Toyologist box for 2011 we were sent some more playmobil much to my boys delight.

This years range of Playmobil that is a huge hit is the secret agent range, and there is a whole host of playsets available in this range,including the amazing headquarters we received the Detection Jet which is priced £17.99

This kit is great you receive two playmobil figures, one is a good guy, with a simple smile face,complete with his helemt and gun. and the other is a bad guy, with his very own moon boots and jet pack.

Then you also get the detection Jet. as with all playmobil sets there is a bit of building to do prior to play, but this is what the older children enjoy about these kits, my 9 year old happily put together this set with no help from me.

The Jet needs 2 AAA batteries, these enable its metal detecting features to work, and it really does work!

The set comes with several rocks, and 2 metal bug like creatures, you can place the bugs into the rocks and then use the detection jet to locate them.

The metal detector works really well, it needs to be fairly close to the metal in order to pick it up just about a inch or two away but it can happily pick out which rock holds the metal bug, it also will beep when you fly over the radiator or any other metal surface.

This set states it is for the 7 - 12 year old age range, thats the only thing I would question about this kit, yes older children will beable to put it together and get enjoyment from that side of things, but there is no reason why this set can not be enjoyed by the younger end of the market, and in terms of playing with these toys the younger children will defiantly get the most from them. They really do help with role play, imagination and creativity in the young children, where as the older boys may not wish to play for as long with these toys.

Heres a closer look at the detection Jet:


  1. hi there. you have a good way of parenting your kids. i'm sure your kids are happy that they received those toys. that metal detector sure is great!

  2. Playmobil releases different variety of toys that you think of. Sometimes, even those unexpected set up, they still have it. You have lots of choices that you will surely enjoy.


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