Saturday, 3 December 2011

What a Week

I feel like this week has just disappeared, I was ill on Tuesday and Wednesday and only just getting back to normal now, and tensions have been running high for us all here this week so I had a bit of a break from the whole Internet side of things to try and get everything back in order!

Been trying to sort out everything and make plans about Christmas too, it is really creeping up on us now, this year is definitely going to be a much smaller affair in terms of presents but I'm going to try and make sure we have a lovely Christmas with nice decorations, family and good food!

We brought a new Christmas tree and decorations because our old one never made it in the move at the beginning of the year, and have been playing the old Christmas Tunes to set the mood, I do love Christmas but I think everyone is feeling the pinch this year.

And why do I always struggle to take a good Christmas Tree Photo!?  They never look as nice in photographs...


  1. A few days of not being 100% can throw you off schedule for weeks. I hope you're feeling better and I'm sure that whatever you do as a family for xmas will be special and memorable for you all.

  2. Take a photo with the tree lights on and then you may be happier with it :-)
    Thank you so much for your #SatCap comment - I hadn't even noticed the dog - doh!
    You are so so so so organised - I do not know when I will be getting the xmas decs up.
    Won't be anytime soon :-(
    Liska xx

  3. Being ill and getting the tree up, now that is being on top of things! Seriously hope you are feeling better Sarah and the tree looks fab. I love the shot of the bauble close up.

  4. Good for you, taking some time away from the blog to get things sorted. Glad you are on the mend now and how lovely to have yoru tree up already.

    Mich x


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