Thursday, 16 February 2012

How to avoid in-car arguments with your partner

What do you and your partner argue about in the car? Navigation? Driving skills? Who listens to what on the radio?

Humans weren’t designed to be packed into small metal boxes with loved ones, so it’s no wonder we end up fighting like cats and dogs on long car journeys. 
Avoid the strain of the dreaded ‘cargument’ and take note of these simple tips:

1) Bite your tongue.  

Tempted to say something that you know will annoy the other person (such as “your driving just gets worse” or “do we have to listen to this horrible music”)? 
Well … don’t. Bite your tongue, count to ten and use that time to decide whether it really needs to be said. Try to thing of something constructive to say instead.

2) Learn the art of compromise.  
Do you hate his heavy rock music, while he hates your favourite radio show? In that case you need to learn to compromise. Either find something mutually enjoyable, or agree to allow equal time for each other’s choices.

3) Reduce other stresses. 
 Sometimes we get stressed with each other because of external factors, so try to be organised and reduce potential flashpoints before jumping in the car. Going on a long journey? Make sure you have effective car insurance in place, the car packed and the oil and water levels checked well in advance, then chill out for ten minutes before jumping in the car. If you can start your journey chilled, you’re more likely to stay that way.

4) Driver is boss. 
 Do as much as possible to help the driver by dealing with the kids, keeping noise levels down and keeping distractions to a minimum. Also, make sure you swap over regularly on long journeys, provided anyone doing the driving is adequately insured to do so.

5) Keep it fun.  
Next time you feel yourself getting wound up in the car, try to think of the best joke you’ve heard recently and tell the other person. Laughing is a great tension breaker, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to relieve stress with some mirth. Laughing then releases lots of lovely endorphins, keeping you both chilled out and happy for the rest of the journey.

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  1. So true! I wish I could bite my tongue though, I think thats the problem! x

    1. :) its always tempting to have a debate in the car because its can be one of the only times your together with no other distractions.

  2. We argue over music. Hubs drives me crazy as he's always flicking through radio stations are skipping songs on CDs, he's the same with the TV! x

    1. hehe, my other half doesn't like music on at all in the car TV however buggs me because hes always swopping!


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