Saturday 17 March 2012

Bags of Style

Chloe, like most tweens loves nothing more than to be creative, she spends all her spare time surrounded by paper, pens scissors and glue, cutting snipping designing a whole manner of nothingness!

So when we were sent a My Clippy Bags of Style craft kit, it instantly appealed to Chloes creative side.

girls craft kit making a bag

The idea behind these creative kits is to keep those with a creative side entertained whilst fulfilling their love for fashion and design. The kits have been inspired by designer Calypso Rose and are plastic pocket bags and accessories.

girls tweens will love this craft kit making personalized bags

The simple idea is you design standard business card sized sections and then display them in a funky shoulder bag, which has 3 clear pockets to slide the business card designs into,  and the bag can then be used as a pencil case or a funky personal bag if you so wish.

 Also in the My Clippy range is a smaller set with a card wallet to design instead of the shoulder bag.
 Priced at £14.99 for the Bags of style kit, and £9.99 for the card wallet set, what exactly is included?

the contents of the My Clippy bags of style kit from flair

In the bags of style kit we received to review the contents are: 6 sheets of funky paper, double sided designs gives plenty of creative opportunity, 10 blank cards to design on, 2 sheets of push out designs, which can then be used as stencils, a little plastic work station,an embosser and a plastic shoulder bag, with silver over arm strap and a simple instruction leaflet.

My Clippy bags of style japenese themed paper inside kit

The design of the papers and pop out shapes is a cute Japanese theme, bright pinks and red coupled with black and white make this perfect for fashion conscious girls. The workstation is just basically a little area to hold the card whilst you stick on your effects.

handy plastic workstation from bags of style my clippy

The embosser is a great added extra with 2 shapes to choose from, a heart or a star, you can use this to add more to your designs.

Heart and star emboss with kids craft kit  perfect for card making

I really liked the idea behind this kit and it certainly kept Chloe entertained for a long while, she was impressed with the end result of her designs and having the bag to show case them meant there was a good purpose to her creative output. (unlike the vast majority of crafts which unfortunately don't last all that long before being binned)

My Clippy fun for girls making your own handbag

The bag itself is of good quality with a zip at the top, and although the cards are quite thin once you slide them into position they make a lovely personalised fashion accessory.

The one down side to this kit is that it did not include any glue scissors or pens, which is worth noting, so double check you have them available before you return home with this fun craft set to avoid disappointment. I have researched the other My Clippy sets available and it seems the Card Wallet set however does includes a glue gadget.

glue sticky tape, selotape pens and scissors art and craft essentials

Overall this is a lovely craft kit, it certainly brought out Chloes imagination and the designs she came up with for her bag were great, she has been back to the set several times and made several different card designs to use, and no doubt will continue to create new effects for a good while yet incoroperating her other craft accesories into her designs.

girl with finished my clippy bags of style designed strap bag

 I love that her creativeness can be displayed with pride in a functional way. Be sure to check out the My Clippy website for further information, design ideas, and competitions.


  1. In the little thumbnail next to this on my blog list I thought it said my crappy!? Lol! On further inspectaion I found the error of my ways and this looks great, I would even like a little crafty go with one of these! x

    1. :D It is a really great craft set ideal for us mums to have ago at too :D x


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