Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Gallery : Extreme Close Up

Today Tara over at Sticky fingers has a really great prompt... close ups!

boxer dog close up

I hardly ever use my macro settings on my camera, I am far more a point and shot and hope for the best sort of photographer, but I caught sight of this prompt just before I rushed off out to get my three from school this afternoon, on returning home in the glorious sunshine they quickly grabbed their shorts and T shirts and demanded we take Jackson to the local fields, so I grabbed my camera and off we went.

blond boy hairstyle funny face

Once there my eldest two ran off with some friends to play ball, I sat with my youngest and Jackson and took the opportunity to get some snaps perfect for todays Gallery!

long blond haired boy and beautiful boxer dog
But it wasn't long before Mikey ran off to join the others so Jackson become my subject.

boxer dog red beautiful dog

Luckily for me he is very Photogenic.

close up boxer dog eye

and when he was bored of me putting my camera in his face I took this of my jeans

Denim Jeans close up macro texture

and this of the new buds.

spring buds macro close up thorn

I love the macro on my camera and should use it more often!

Now pop on over to Sticky Fingers to see all the other entries!


  1. Ooo, yes, thank you Sarah, for telling me about your lovely close ups.

    I love a smiley Boxer!

    Lesley x.

  2. Your 4th picture is my favourite, great composition and colours and what a confident expression!

  3. Great pictures! Especially the ones of your dog!

  4. I love your dog! He looks like a proper dog :)

  5. I love Jackson! He's so handsome :)

  6. ha ha,. the 1st one of Jackson is fab..."do you wanna piece of me?" and your little blondie winking at the camera (Mummy!)...beautiful day, beautiful pics!

  7. Lovely shots, I think my little J loves your the "winking" photo :)

  8. The one of your dogs eye is amazing! x

  9. Lovely close ups and two pretty adorable subjects! Emma :)

  10. what amazing lashes on your furry friend!

  11. Oh your do is just scrumptious! I miss having a dog! x

    1. You mean dog, not do, right?

  12. Lovely shots! I like the jeans detail "thrown" into your selection!

  13. Fantastic photos! Extremely picturesque. Very fabulous!

  14. Your dog is so cute!


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