Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jungle Junction Playset Review

If you have a pre schooler in your house then you may well of come across Jungle Junction, which is a childrens TV  program from Disney.

There is a whole range of toys from Flair to complement the TV series, children love to have  familiar toys to play with, watching the show means they will already have a idea about the characters and this just aids their imaginative play.

My Children don't watch a lot of TV, and so I am not aware of Jungle Junction with my older two hogging the remote when we do put the TV on its more Sarah Jane Adventures and Tracey Beaker that poor Mikey has to endure.

So what did we make of this playset?

jungle junction tv series playset box

The first thing I noticed was that it was a really large set, when fully built it is approx 2ft wide, which is plenty big enough for several children to play around but doesn't impose over the whole of your floor. Priced averagely around £39.99 you really do get a fair amount for your money.

jungle junction playset complete and set up large childrens toy

You get two of the Jungle Junction Characters, a loveable elephant called Ellyvan and a Sweet pig called Zooter, which are great, perfect child hand sized toys, with great rollers on the bottom. The likeness to the characters on the TV show is great they are instantly recognisable.

Zooter and Ellyvan from jungle junction toys in the large playset

The playset itself,  comes in lots and lots of individual pieces, and took me around 35 minutes to build up.

whats in the box of the large jungle junction playset from flair all the contents

The instructions come in the form of a diagram, which was easy enough to follow, and the pieces clipped together really easily.

simple instructions to build the large jungle junction playset from flair

When built up it is an impressive toy, lots to look at and interact with, elevators, turning circles, doors and bridges to name a few of this sets features.

4 year old playing with jungle junction large playset from flair

My 4 year old even without really knowing much about Jungle Junction loved this set and played with it happily for ages, joined by his big sister the set is so big there is plenty of space for several children to play.

two older children playing with the jungle junction playset from flair

The age rating on the box says 3 and above, but with the friendly characters and coloourful nature of this toy I think it would be very attactive to the younger age range, and couldn't see any reason why young children wouldnt enjoy this so we invited the cousins over to join in the fun, they age from 10 months upto 5 years and all happily play with this together.

lots of children playing with the large jungle junction playset from flair plastic toys are sturdy and fun

This really is a lovey play set, the track pieces are interchangeable so you can create several different layouts which is nice as it keeps the interest in this toy, and gives the older children a sense of creativity.

The figures roll around the track really well, and the chunky nature means even the younger members can enjoy this toy as there are no really fiddly pieces to worry about, there are a couple of card trees, but they seem sturdy enough to last a fair amount of time, and without them the playset is still attractive and fully usable, you also get several sign posts, which can be pushed into the located firmly so they're difficult to remove, but all the children who played with the set here instantly wanted to swop them around so they spent alot longer out of the locators than in, but this adds to the play factor of this toy.

toddler loves the jungle junction toys
Overall we really liked this set and would say any pre schooler would get plenty of enjoyment out of it.

We were sent this toy to review on behalf of UKmums.tv

here is our video Review:


  1. thanks for putting the pictures up for us to see, I now can see how to put ours together, lost the box :/ Thanks Sarah mum of 3 my daughter can stop giving me a rotten time now lol

    1. Glad the photo was helpful and hope your daughter is enjoying playing with the set again :)

  2. Hello,
    I want to buy for my kid. I'm from Romania. can you help me??? Or cand you give me a link were i can buy. Thanks a lot.


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