Thursday, 1 March 2012

To Be Free

Claire over at The Lazy Girls guide to life, has a fantastic linky today, its all to raise awareness of Oxfams Get together campaign To help promote  the #gettogetherforoxfam campaign , leading upto International Womens day on 8th March

Claire has given us a very thought provoking prompt, fitting with Oxfams message, of 'What does Freedom mean to you?'

Freedom means everything, it means we are able to run jump shout and play as we choose,

splashing in the paddeling pool family fun outdoors

Freedom is the ability to make our own decisions and to be happy with my own choices

boy with long blond hair having fun with bubbles outside

Freedom is being able to go where we want when we want to, and follow our dreams.

Freedom is having the chance of living.

girl on rope swing outdoors in woods

Please help spread the word of International Womens Day as there are so many people who do not have the chances we have, can not make the choices we do, and don't have the freedom we all should be so thankful for.

Post your own thoughts on 'What Freedom Means to you' and link up here:  Get Together For Oxfam

I look forward to seeing your posts


  1. Brillaint post straight to the point thanks for sharing x

  2. Beautiful pics - love the one on the swing especially. Absolutely gorgeous. Great cause to blog about too. x

  3. Fab pictures, your are so right freedom is wonderful and never to be forgotton. x

  4. Stunning pics for a cracking cause.

  5. Great way to interpret the prompt- the pics really add light to it. Thanks so much for taking time to join in x

  6. love this idea. thx so much for pointing it out. Going to have a go myself i think. Love your kids pictures, feel excited about summer!!

    1. Thanks, please do join in :) I love the summer months :D x

  7. What a fabulous set of photos, they really capture summer fun. Mich x

  8. Gorgeous shots, you've really captured freedom for me there! Bring on the warmer weather :) Great idea will try and join in.

  9. I love the pictures, very inspiring bet it encourages more to take part :) x


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