Monday, 30 April 2012

Great Outdoors - Water Fights!

Sometimes theres no need to go far to enjoy being outdoors, the benefits of fresh air, sun and laughter can be found in the garden!

When the weather is warm one sure fire way to get the kids eager to leave the house is the prospect of having a water fight.

Theres not many things that are more fun than water.

Sprinkling each other with hose pipes,

and playing with a water table or splashing around in a paddling pool where ever there is water there is sure to be laughter.

Even if you haven't got space for a big paddling pool then you can still have great water fun with waterbombs,  these small colourful explosions of water are a huge hit here, although they take alot longer to fill up than they do to soak someone the children are always happy to see a bag full of soaking grenades.

Water certainly makes being outdoors on a hot day that bit more fun, but remember to have plenty of towels at the ready to warm up after!

This Post is part of my 10 of the Best Free Outdoor Activities series to help inspire people to turn off the electronic devices and find some fun outdoors click the badge below to find more outdoor fun.

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