Monday, 16 April 2012

Photo Edit - Changing the feel

I am really enjoying the photo edit challenges, and after my flamingo Edit won last week I have really renewed my passion for editing photos!

This Weeks photo over at Little Adventures blog in the FlipFlop Photo Edit challenge is a really lovely shot, the original is beautiful the bench is lovely and in such a nice setting with all that green.

One thing about photo editing is trying to change the feel to a photo and this original has a really warm summery feel,I tried to add a more vintage feel to the picture to really focus on the bench, the normal option would be to see how the picture looked after using a sepia filter, but I love the colours in this photo so I didn't want to replace them completely with sepia.

Instead I increased the shadows, toned down the colours slightly increased the brightness a touch to compensate the increased shadows and then increased the sharpen on the bench.

I also added a sketchy frame and this is what I came up with:

Now go and look at what everyone else has done to this beautiful photo by following this badge.

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge


  1. I really like this edit, I love how you brought out the texture on the bench and your crop. Great job!

  2. Wow, that's really clever. The bench is beautiful in your version - it really stands out.

  3. Sarah- THS IS gorgeous! I LOVE IT!

  4. well done, brilliant edit, Joy xx

  5. What a gorgeous picture. it's lovely x

  6. Love what you've done with the picture! Have recently discovered photo editing and it is great to see what can be done!

  7. Lovely edit of a really nice picture! The lighting in it is perfect :)


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