Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Photo Edit : Using Clone

After my travels the other day where I came across the EditMe photo challenge, I continued looking at all the inspirational blogs, and loved picking up hints and tips from the challlenge, so I was pleased when I found another great Photo Editing Challenge over at Little Adventures Blog,

This weeks challenge is being Guest Judged by Amanda from Seeing Beauty, which is great blog to take a look at with lovely photographs and lots of hints and tips, Amanda has provided the photo for everyone to edit, of this flamingo scene.

I loaded the photo into PaintShopPro x3 and tinkered with the saturation level, brightness and shadows, then I cropped the image to focus on the main flamingo, but I felt something was missing, the second flamingo in the picture was in the way, and I wanted to incorporate the flowers on the left without having the second flamingo.

So I opened a second photo, did the same colour edits to it, then using the clone tool I cloned the flowers to the right closer to the main flamingo.

To make the ripples in the water have purpose now the flamingo had been cloned out, I cloned the little black duck from the right of the original to make it appear he was making the ripples, its not a seamless clone, but I was fairly pleased with the effect.

I then did a slight sharpen and ended up with this:

I love how you can really change the focus of a picture with a couple of edits. the clone tool is a really helpful tool for making changes, removing things which distract from where you want the focus to lie.

So if you would like to have a go at Editing this photo, or see what others have done, then hop on over to the FlipFlop Photo Edit challenge following the badge below.

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge


  1. WOW beautiful edit! I like that you left the cattails and trees on the left side, great job cloning in the duck!! Thanks so much for liking up!

  2. Thanks again for linking! :) and stopping by my blog! Your edit is so creative! Great Job!

  3. Very nice!! Love the idea of cloning in the duck!!!

  4. Hi Sarah, really enjoying your photo editing!

    Now, have a look at this - I've given you a VBA!

    Lesley x.

  5. Hi Sarah
    Congratulations on you flip flop edit win this week!
    I really loved your edit!! :)
    Amanda (guest judge)


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