Thursday 17 May 2012

Dinosaur in the Woods!

Dinosaurs are one of them forever intriguing creatures, and they are a sure fire attraction to children everywhere, I guess it is the intriguing unknown nature of these truly amazing creatures which makes them so attractive to children.

dinosaur real toy
So when we were sent a set of prehistoric playmates to review my three couldn't be happier

dinosaur in grass realistic toy real

These toy Dinosaurs can add into almost any role play game creating endless imaginative adventures especially when the dinosaurs are as realistic as the Scleich models, which have amazing details and movable jaws.

looks so real dinosaur toy
These fantastic dinosaur friends are a perfect handbag size which means they can come along on days out,

boy playing donosaur toyThey will entertain on long car journeys or enhance a walk through the woods with added imaginary play as you watch the dinosaurs stomp through the brambles and jump from the boulders, giving children something to occupy them whilst you enjoy the scenery.

triceratops dinosaur toy realistic
Dinosaurs will always be popular, a timeless toy with loads of books and films centred around the iconic prehistoric time period spanning each generation from The Land Before Time to walt disneys Dinosaur, and with Jurassic Park set to be re released in striking 3D next year the dino fever is sure to strike, not to mention the ever popular walking with dinosaur live spectacular tour you cant go wrong with dinosaur gifts for people of all ages.

boy with dinosaurs

And with such an extensive range of dinosaurs to choose from you will find a dinosaur to match everyones desire be it a fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, monstrous Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus or the less fearsome herbivore the Brachiosaurus still is a formidable creature weighing in at 80tones thats more than 16 elephants!

brontosaurus long necked dinosaur realisitc photo toy

These amazingly detailed models are priced from £2 at all good retailers so be sure to get your hands on some to make a humongous impression in the imagination of your children.

group of dinosaurs together toys realistic photo spoff


  1. Why is it that kids love dinosaurs?! I think they're pretty scary but E loves them like your 3! Must get her some of these!

    1. Dinosaurs just appeal to kiddies these are really detailed ones and have become my sons favourite toys :)

  2. Sorry, meant to say that I love your photos!

  3. My 7 yr old boy would LOVE these! Looks like your kiddies had fun :)

    1. Schleich models are amazing we have alot of farm animals in the range too :)

  4. I love the way you have photographed them! Makes me want to get our dinosaurs out and take some photos.

  5. Ooh different ones to ours! Post appearing shortly ;-)

  6. Great photos Sarah...we just played with ours on our green rug, not quite as effective as your woods!

  7. The dinosaurs look so real! Love how you set them up. Looks like you guys had fun with them :)



  8. Oh! How fun! LOVE your shots, & your kiddo is adorbs!

    Thanks SO much for hosting Finagle, you were amazing! XO

  9. omg your photos are inspired!! what a brilliant way to showcase some toys!! brilliant stuff x

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