Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lets make something HUGE together

This week has been  turned upside down, and is spinning past in abit of a blur.

Monday started like normal, everyone up and dressed and off out the door to school rushing around like every other manic Monday morning, waving off the children to school. I then rushed off to attend a first aid course, such a great informative session, I sat there and learnt vital skills that could save a life.

As I returned home my phone rang flashing up Mikeys Schools number, my heart raced, its never something good when the school ring, I was told that Mikey was not well at all and to come and fetch him, so I shot to the school as quickly as possible, and was lead to Mikeys classroom where he was flat out asleep, the teacher explained he was fine in the morning then suddenly complained of a headache, and within 5 minutes had lay down and fell asleep, I roused him somewhat and asked if he was ok, he was groggy and sleepy and generally unwell.

I brought him home tucked him up on the sofa with a spoon full of calpol, and watched over him, he picked up slightly and had some yogurt and banana then slept for the rest of the night, the following day he still was no better and continued to cry about pain in his head, which is unusual for Mikey, in fact none of the children have ever complained of headaches. However Mikey  was really distressed and in obvious pain with this headache, he said his whole head was hurting and he could not see things properly, he had a raised temperature but no other symptoms no sickness, no rash.

The paracetamol enabled him some relief and he slept on and off all day, waking between doses of paracetamol, I rang my local GP and got him an appointment for 5pm along we went, ushered into the doctors surgery where he was checked over, his ears, eyes chest all looked at by the gentle doctor in front of us ready to reassure that all was ok and a virus just sweeping over him, he prescribed us ibuprofen to take between the paracetamol to control his fever.

Having a doctor on your door step is what we take for granted, and even now if Mikey doesn't show signs of improvement over the next couple of days I have several options all waiting to help us out, NHS direct at the end of a phone call, Ambulances we can call out at any hour of the day, hospitals where we can rush into in an emergency to ensure that we all get the health care that we need, think how awful it would be without these lifelines available.

Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as we are, thats why its so important for campaigns like #blogitforbabies to help raise vital funds for children who do not have the basic provisions to help save their lives.

Children in Bangladesh don't have easy access to vital medical care like children in the UK, and because of this 1 in 19 children under 5 unfortunately lose their lives.

I can't imagine not having the medicine readily available to ease Mikeys fever, I couldn't bare to be sat here now helpless watching as his body tries to fight off a virus which grips hold with no help from the medicines which are so vital to his recovery. But their are thousands of mothers who are sat right now, this very second in that exact position. 

That is why all over the country bloggers are coming together to promote this cause, and help raise the £1 million pounds needed to fund the build of 7 life saving health centres. This will making huge changes for the women and children who do not currently have access to the resources they need, resources which will save lives.

Today a group of amazing bloggers are meeting in Nottinghams Lakeside Art centre to help build something massive, these ladies are joining forces to construct one of the windows in the Architech of Airs Luminarium Exxopolis. They are giving up their time to build something incredible, something that will provide entertainment and enjoyment for thousands of people as it tours the world, in their window they are to place the blogitforbabies badge to show the support for this amazing charity.

These ladies are there right now, building something to bring joy and enjoyment, wonder and discovery. They are there helping to create a fun attraction for people who are lucky enough to have the health care at their fingertips, people who are able to attend festivals full of songs and dance, ensuring they have the chance to experience everything that life has to offer.

The children in Bangladesh don't have these opportunities, but we can all collectively make their lives that little bit easier, make the struggles that little bit less. Enable those mothers to access the health care they need for their children and prevent the heartache they have to go through without it.

 Mammasauras is joining the other bloggers at Nottingham today as part of her #Blogitforbabies tour. They are giving their time to support this cause. We can give them our support by Text donating just £1 TEXT XVRL71 £1 to 70070 to donate £1 to the campaign's Just giving page.

Lets join together to make something huge, something more huge than the window in the Luminarium, something that will change lives, save lives, what can be bigger than that? Please join us, Text XVRL71 £1 to donate just a single pound, share this post, share the message together we CAN make a difference.

Thank you

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  1. Aw its rotten when the little ones are poorly, get well soon Mikey! x

    1. Thank you, I hate when they are ill, hes never been this poorly before, its really knocked him :(

  2. Get well soon Mikey! This is a great post Sarah. We really are so fortunate having the services that we do when our children are poorly. It's great to see bloggers coming together for change! xxx

  3. There are some nasty bugs around at the moment. This is very timely given what we are trying to achieve with #BlogitforBabies. Hope he's better soon

  4. Great post, hope Mikey is better soon, but yes we are incredibly lucky that we have an NHS, even when we moan about it.

  5. Love Sent To You And A Big Hug To Mikey Who Is 5 Today Birthdays Are Special When So Young You Don't Need Illness To Get In The Way Of Love & Happiness xxxx ... With You Sarah As His Mum He Couldn't be in Better Hands .... Always Thinking Of Others You Are An Angel ...Making Everyone Aware That Other Children Need Everyones Help .... Love You xxxx

  6. Lovely post Sarah. I really hope Mikey gets well soon, poor mite. We've been having a bad time of it over here too with viruses.

    I hadn't heard of the #blogitforbabies campaign before but I wish I had. I'm actually in Nottingham so could have lent a hand. Although I've never actually been to the Art Centre lol!

    Big hugs xx

  7. Such a worthy Brits generally moan about the NHS and want it's NOT doing, when put like this we should all be darn grateful and worry more about those who have nothing. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. They know how to worry us don't they? Hope he's OK... What a fabulous charity too, well done to all the lovely ladies getting involved.


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