Monday, 21 May 2012

Walk to school and get some stripes!

The other week I posted about Living Streets and their Great British Walking challenge encouraging everyone to get walking, this week is national Walk to School Week (21st May - 26th May 2012)
and everyone is trying to promote the benefits of getting out and walking to school.

I love to walk to school, and always try to walk, bike or scoot to school as much as possible, I find it can be hugely beneficial to start the day with a bit of exercise, not to mention the environmental benefits and reduced stress from navigating a car around a busy school gate! But statistics say that only around 50% of Primary school children and 38% of Secondary school children walk to school each day, which is a staggeringly low amount compared to the 98% of pensioners who say they walked to school at the same age.

So its understandable why its important to get people thinking about promoting walking to school with your children, most schools are celebrating walk to school week in some capacity, my youngest has a scooter day on Friday where all children are invited to bring their scooters into school, my eldest two have a travel smart week with an incentive for children who walk everyday.

UKmumsTV have teamed up with Schleich to offer a great incentive to get your children eager to walk to school this week too, Schleich make wonderful animal models (like the dinosaurs we had fun with last week!) and have 100 stripy Zebras to offer to the first 100 pupils who send in a photo of themselves walking to school this week!

Zebras are such a fitting mascot to get people walking to school, with them being avid walkers in the animal kingdom and their young have mastered the art of walking just an hour after birth, also with zebra crossings being on of the iconic street symbols that children recognise as a safety crossing there couldn't be a better mascot and the schleich Zebras are beautifully hand painted figures that every child is sure to love.

So if you want to get yourself some walking stripes then be sure to take a look at the UKmumsTV website, get your walking shoes on and grab your camera as you set off out to school tomorrow!


  1. I walked to school every single day, rain or shine. I hate the traffic chaos outside the school, cars should be banned! *waves bannner*

    1. I actually like walking in the rain and snow its more fun sometimes than the smeltering heat... not that i don't like the sun (now that its finally here i would like it to stay a while!)


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