Sunday, 17 June 2012

Country Kids - despite the rain

I am starting to get really fed up with the weather, it is just miserable, every time the sun tries to come out it soon starts raining again and serious cabin fever is kicking in, I don't mind the rain, but its the prospect of 5 pairs of muddy shoes and wet clothes and a soaked dog that puts me off trudging out despite the weather.

But today I couldn't stay indoors any longer, so when my sons friends called for him and they all wanted to retreat inside from the rain I decided we would take a trip into the woods instead of in front of the computers.

They seemed surprisingly eager as we ventured through the overgrown pathways to eventually find a open space they could run around in.

And I enjoyed the time outside admiring natures beauty so full of life with the vast array of greens which look all the more vibrant in the rain.

There were several bumble bees around, which is always nice to see, and they didn't seem to mind getting wet as they went about their business

We sheltered under the trees 

and when the rain stopped we ran around jumping in the puddles and skidding in the grass,

 and it is moments like these that make me realise that the muddy clothes and shoes are really not worth worrying about at all.

I'm joining in with CoombeMills Countrykids click on the badge below to see what else everyone has got upto outdoors this week
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Sarah, Such a joy when you join in as I just adore your photos. You have the knack of making the simplest run a round look such fun!

    1. Thank you Fiona I do love joining in with Countrykids, it always surprise me everytime I come back from a trip out to find there are any good photos at all because the children don't spend much time standing still!

  2. I enjoyed your photos too. Looks like a perfect day out. Thanks for your nice comments over on Thrift Bee.

  3. What a stunning collection of photos. Just proves even in the rain you just need the right clothes to have fun.

  4. the trees stopped us from getting too wet, and it did keep breaking up abit for us to enjoy being outside the dog was the only one who got really soaked!

  5. what wonderful pictures, i love the bumble bee. i know where you're coming from with the rain thing though and i only have two sets of shoes & a dog!

  6. Wonderful pictures. It's so easy to just want to stay cosy on days like these, but you've inspired me to get outdoors and jump in some puddles next time it rains.


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