Monday, 11 June 2012

Monster Pet Supplies - Jacksons Approval!

Regulars here will know that Jackson is a huge part of our family, the kids adore him and he them in return, he joins us on ventures through the woods and snuggles up with us when the weathers not so nice outside, he also LOVES to get involved in the reviews on my blog!

So when we were sent a parcel from Monster Pet Supplies inviting Jackson to give his expert opinions on some great toys and treats he couldn't be happier.

Like all Boxers, Jackson loves to play, he isn't boisterous but is lively, he will jump around and 'bounce' all day if you let him, his favourite spot is the garden and we've recently had to gravel the small lawn area as he was just churning up the grass constantly bounding around on it throwing toys round himself and catching them again, he loves soft toys but because he is a big dog he is strong and often soft toys don't last too long.

So when I saw the Good Boy Mighty Tuff monkey in the box of goodies I wondered if he'd manage to destroy it, but we've had Monkey for nearly a month now and he has fared pretty well, only loosing his tail, which came off within 10 minutes of arriving, but other than that the monkey is surprisingly tough with its plaited body it is strong enough to be used as a ragger, and Jackson loves him.

Next in our box was a Good Boy Gripper, which is a strong rubber dogs toy which is approx 6 inch in diameter it is a really tough toy which is perfect for the bigger dogs. Jackson has played with this many times and there isn't a mark on it and I doubt he will ever manage to damage it - it really is that tough! Being made of rubber it bounces when he flings it around which he loves and the shape makes it easy for him to catch, but because its heavy its best for an outdoor toy unless you want potential damage to glass cabinets and such like, its a perfect toy to take along with you on your walks and Jackson will happily run after it and fetch it, but he is just as happy playing with it by himself in the garden, this really has kept him happily entertained for hours and is sure to last for a long time yet.

And last but by no means least we received some Good Boy Deli Chicken Twists from Monster Pet Supplies great treat selection. These were very well received by Jackson, the pack boasts that they are made with real chicken and the finest ingredients

 Jackson sure thought they were tasty, I liked them too because he didn't wolf them down within 2 seconds flat the chewy sticks made him take his time a little bit more and giving him them once (or sometimes twice if he'd been really good!) a day the pack lasted quite a while.

Overall Jackson really enjoyed testing these great products from the Good Boy range, all three we're excellent quality and value for money, the toys both priced just over £5 making them very affordable. We'd recommend them they really are a great choice if you have a play full four legged member of your family, or if you have any other furred friend take a look at Monster Pet Supplies they have a great selection of food and toys for all sorts of pets, or why not join them on Facebook where they have alot of competitions and they share their latest offers.


  1. Oh Jackson is just so cute, that monkey toy looks great I think Bella would love that

    1. Thanks Fran :) The monkey is a really lovely toy

  2. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I'm your newest follower! I'm also following you on bloglovin' too! I'll have to come back and read some of your posts! I saw your other blogging website too!

  3. Jackson - thanks so much for testing out the box of goodies we sent you so thoroughly, and Sarah, thanks HEAPS for jotting down Jackson's opinions and writing them up in this brilliant post, we love it. We're thrilled to see that at the end of trial you were only one Monkey tail down! Good going :) Emma@Monster x


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