Monday, 4 June 2012

Rainy Day Activities - Cushion sewing kit

The Diamond Jubilee has been rather wet hasn't it? But the whole country seems to be covered in patriotic Red White and Blue, I do love the Union Jack designs and merchandise.

My three children love a celebration too and Chloe specifically always wants to show her support to upcoming events and celebrations, if we were to sit at home and not mention the Jubilee celebrations I would definitely have her complaining.

But when its wet and miserable street parties are cancelled and things don't seems as appealing, so I was thrilled when we were sent a My Style Union Jack Cushion kit to review.

This is ideal for anyone who loves getting crafty and wants to spend this bank holiday doing something with a patriotic feel, or if you want to get some crafts in to entertain over the summer Olympic celebrations.

The kit includes everything you need to make 2 cushions, the felt covers come ready cut and punched to make sewing easier, the thread and a needle.

You get the two inner pillows which arrive flat packed but pop out to make lovely soft pillows one large pillow 40cm x 25cm and one smaller pillow 25cm x 16cm

This is a really lovely kit and has kept Chloe occupied for a good while, she has never really completed any sewing kits before so this was a perfect starting point with the pre hole punched felt shapes.

The My Style Union Jack Cushion kit is aimed at girls aged 8 and above and would make a perfect kit for birthdays or to keep in for the rainy days over the summer holiday. Priced at £14.99 I think this is great value as the finished pillows are really lovely.


  1. We both had the same rainy day idea!! Such a look of concentration on Chloe's face!!!

    1. hehe Chloe isn't really a natural seamstress either so she was really concentrating bless her!


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