Friday, 1 June 2012

Tipping point - Today

Today. June 1st 2012

Today I turned my calender over, a new month, to greet me was a picture of my daughter and our boxer dog, sitting in the sun smiles beaming out, a quote under it 'Friends are always worth the Trouble.' Today signals a new month putting behind May and starting June.

Britain today is starting to think of the celebrations, starting to wonder of the fun we'll have this extended Bank Holiday with our family.

For us today is fine, even with the stress and strains of life, with illness or family feuds, even when there are grey clouds and chill in the air today is still OK.

For people in Syria its not. A week ago on May 25th in Houla the day was not fine, over 100 people lost their lives, 49 children.

They lost their lives in cold blood, at close range, shots to the head, knifes cutting away their lives.

That day was the tipping point. That day needless lives were lost. I do not understand why or what for, I don't need to. I understand childrens lives were ended whole families killed by another human. I know that no human can say that is OK. That is all I need to know, but I also know that by saying 'that is not ok' we can help make a difference.

Today we can  make that difference, we can make our voices heard.

Today we can collectively say 'Stop the violence' 

Today we can spread the message that we want the killing to stop and we will help to protect the children.

Today we can take just 5 minutes to sign the Save the Children Petition we can take 2 minutes to Share this post, 2 minutes to retweet this post. Today we can make ourselves heard.

When people stand together the message is so much louder. I am standing up for these children, along with many other bloggers today. Please help share our voice. Join Britmums members and use today for a day of protest.

Thank you


  1. Thanks for your post reminding us of all the people who won't be celebrating this weekend. I join you to say Stop The Violence.

    Lesley x.

    1. Thank you Lesley sometimes standing up and saying something although it may not seem like much, can help perswade the people with the power to act. Its got ot be better than looking the other way hasn't it x


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