Friday, 15 June 2012

wet and miserable

I am not loving this weather at all  its June, we should be enjoying the Summer, we should be donning our shorts and T.shirts and slapping on suncream, but instead we need wellies and brollies. I can't remember a year where its been quite as miserable and wet for so long.

And when the weather is miserable it seems so is everyone else.

That is everyone except my daughter who never fails to bring a smile to my face

The flowers who are lapping up the water

and the bugs!


  1. So true, I can't stand this weather. Love your pics x

  2. What a great pictures! Its been pretty miserable here too but the last couple of days out came the sunshine and the kids were quick to strip off naked and get in the paddling pool, I tried to get all the grass cut and the pigs dozed in the warm sun – fingers crossed the summer does eventually come for you over the water!x

  3. Your daughter makes me want to burst into a chorus of singing in the rain! Lovely photos as always!

  4. Beautiful pictures Sarah. It's absolutely boíling here today. I would happily trade for some rain! :)

  5. Even the photo of the snail is smile-worthy!


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