Thursday, 26 July 2012

Chasing Dreams

Its the school holidays and the sun is shining on us for the time being at least. Perfect for the holiday season.

We are not globe trotters, and having never been abroad we don't really take much time out on holidays so planning a break for us is normally a last minute dash to a campsite when the weather man forecasts a few days of sunshine.

Our trusty little tent a few sleeping bags 3 children and a huge dog all huddled together into our little car we do look rather unorthodox to say the least, heading off to our favourite campsite in Wales where you don't need to book a spot, and has just basic amenities it is a beautiful place to go and spend some family time away, with our unplanned approach to holidays and love for the simple things this suits us down to the ground!

I do love to have a break away from things, even if it is a mad rush of jumbled preparation. Being self employed means that if we are not tirelessly trying to make some money we have very little, and so saving for a holiday never really materialises into a reality, just thinking of affording the passports seems like such a huge hurdle yet alone searching out a holiday reasonable enough to consider. So we stick to holidays at home, the more basic the better.

Whilst I would one day love to travel far and wide, right now trekking the world seeing new cities and cultures is off the agenda we have to stick to what we can do, I mentioned a few months ago that our dream would be to have a small cruiser on the canal, a haven away from the busy rush of home, a place to appreciate the beauty of nature and truly relax, see the beautiful country we live in from another angle. We are true country dwellers our children growing up outdoors we long for the freedom that you just can't get living on a street. So we started saving, a truly unheard of endeavour, and have spent the last months sticking to our no treat, essentials only approach, yet we were still a long way off being able to reach our target.

Then my mums friend handed us a golden opportunity, a real chance to fulfil our dream, he has a small cruiser, which he had intentions of doing up and using with his Grandchildren, but things didn't go that way and he has not been able to get it into a workable state, sat being unloved and unused this little cruiser although small is more than we could of hoped for, enabling us to catch a glimpse of that dream this summer!

So whilst it still needs a bit of work to it, meet Misty Blue.

We have been offered the chance of using her this summer if we can get her into a usable state, the gentleman who owns her is 85 and unable to do the work he wants, so my other half has offered to help him out, at the moment there is alot still needing to be done and so we can't actually go cruising along the beautiful canals, she needs alot of TLC  a licence and whatnot but we are hopeful that we can at least enjoy some time this summer relaxed and carefree, a break from the norm - isn't that the true definition of a holiday after all?


  1. Hi, Great to see the boat and Liz tells me that she and Ron used to own it before. Hope to see you cruising when I get back to Stenson.

    1. Darren has just given it a paint job Patrick, I will be uploading some more photos jotting the changes we've made to it and will look forward to seeing you when you return :)

  2. That top photo is AMAZING, love the simplicity of the shot but the colour of the sky behind is stunning and makes for a very striking image. If you get the opportunity I think it would make a fantastic acrylic block

    1. Thank you I love that photo too it was a perfect day on the beach just after a storm and i took some beautiful photos :)


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