Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Go Mini Stunt Racers

There is a new range of toys from Golden Bear, fun funky character Mini cars with a twist.

We were asked if we'd like to give these little cars a test, and my youngest was thrilled to receive the stunt launcher.

These cute little cars all have their own personality and a stunt to match, the stunt launcher enables you to 'charge' the car by pulling back the handle and watching the rev counter clock up to max, then press the start button and watch the car race off along the floor.

These are perfect toys for children who love cars, the stunt launcher requires no batteries which is a real bonus, although there are a couple of cars in the range which do require batteries to enable sounds and additional features.

Each car in the series has a stunt mode, which can be selected via a switch on the base, to activate the stunt, the car that comes with the stunt launcher does wheelies.

 The stunt launcher is priced around £19.99 and additional cars are priced from £4.99 you do not need the launcher to enjoy the cars as they can be charged up manually by dragging the Mini backwards across the floor, the box does state that they do not work on thick carpet pile and not to be used outdoors, but we have had fun with ours on the slabbed patio area with no problems.

The designs of these Mini cars are great, with the friendly faces and iconic style to the mini cars they are sure to become a favourite.

You can see the whole range at www.goldenbeartoys.com


  1. These look like so much fun! My baby would love these! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting they are great fun little cars :)

  2. Fun toy have just brought one for my lIttle boy for christmas thanks for mentioning what the green car does as i no one of the cars sold seperately does something similar so i will know not to get him that one as an extra!

    1. My nephew came over yesturday and played with the stunt luncher for hours, hope your little one loves it too at Christmas x


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