Tuesday 10 July 2012

Heat Holders

We recieved a pair of HeatHolders to review on behalf of UKmums.tv

It's July, the middle of summertime, but of course this is the UK and our summer time is notoriously unbalanced, with the weather being extremely hit and miss, however the past few months have certainly been more wet and colder than what we hope for in the Summer months!

So when I was asked to review some Heat Holders Thermal socks I was eager to say yes please despite the fact we should be wishing for sun hats and shorts and t.shirts.

I have terrible circulation and always seem to have cold feet and I don't really like socks all that much and am well known for having bare feet, so was wondering if Heat Holders would be an improvement to my ordinary footwear.

They arrived safe and well and the weather hasn't improved so they have had a thorougher testing.

Branded as the ultimate thermal sock, heat holders boost to be 7 times warmer than the average cotton sock, with a tog rating of 2.34 which is a huge increase compared to even your standard thermal footwear.

The ones I was sent are a funky pink and purple striped design they are the perfect footwear to cuddle up with on the sofa or wear when out trekking through the countryside they do genuinely keep your feet warm, which may seem a silly thing to say about socks, but when your so used to having cold feet it is great to find something that is comfortable and cosy.

The advanced insulating yarn is so soft with a long looped outer pile and a soft brushed inner to maximise the amount of air held inside the sock. They really are super cosy they are obviously thicker than your average pair of socks but not overly bulky and I have worn them under my boots when out walking the dog they come about 4 inches above the ankle and don't constantly slip down which is also an added bonus.

Heat holders do a range of thermal socks including a childrens range and slipper and long varieties which are all definitely worth a look avalable from sockshop priced around £7

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