Thursday, 19 July 2012

Who's ready for the holidays?

This Friday teachers up and down the country will no doubt release a huge sigh of relief as they get to break up for the Summer holidays, the last week of the summer term is undoubtedly the hardest for everyone involved.

Everyone assumes parents however will be fretting over the holidays cursing the long break ahead.

But not me, I will be jumping for joy come Friday when we can shove the school bags to the back of the cupboards and forget about them for a while, yes I am lucky that I don't have to worry about childcare as we work from home, but I am truly 100% thankful for the upcoming holidays, I can't wait to spend time with the children and destress from the school routine.

If everyones children are similar to my own then they will be tired, ratty and generally rather horrible right now and in much need of the summer break.

My eldest has been pushing boundaries and acting like Kevin Patterson, stropping about and saying 'I Don't CARE' at every opportunity, falling out with friends yet desperate to be with them, rushing out the door before he's hardly spoke to me and I'm sure too much time with his peers is not all that great.

 My youngest has turned semi feral grunting and growling if anyone dares disagree with him, throwing the most horrendous strops over nothing in particular, I always wonder why people say 2 year olds are the worst for tantrums, when  life was sweet until they started school!

Chloe is no better, and is moody and full of attitude when shes not blasting out music and dancing on the coffee table.

Not to mention the fact they look unkempt and scruffy as their school clothes are in desperate need of replacement after a year of wear and tear, my youngest seems to have suddenly decided to grow about 4 inches making his trousers depart his ankles, yet splashing out on clothes for the last few days of term isn't on my priority list and I will wait to see if he grows some more in the next few weeks before making a mad dash rush to the shops the day before they return to school!

The 'Summer' nights are not helping either,  they do not want to go to bed in the evenings yet they are absolutely shattered in the morning and it takes a huge shove to get them out of their beds. Then things are rushed and breakfast is left half ate as we grab bags and bundle down the street, grumpy, scruffy and exhausted!

I can't wait for the relaxed mornings without the stress of finding book bags and matching socks, I long for lazy days and late evenings without the worry of 'school tomorrow' I want to not have to be the shouty moany Mum who is always in a fluster and disorganised, forgetting swimming kits and consent forms.

For the six weeks I can step back abit and over look the un brushed hair and the computer games in the evenings, for 6 weeks I won't have to remember whos dinner money has been paid and which day is PE and which is swimming!

And maybe after the break we'll all be refreshed ready to face the next school year in a completely rejuvenated organised fashion or maybe not...


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I thought I'd pop along to yours to say "Hi". Every single word you have written I couldn't agree more with, you took the words right out of my mouth.:) My Kids are tired, grumpy, and just can't wait for Friday to finally arrive, me too though. We all need the time out and away from the constant get up and get out of the school term. And the scruffyness of their uniforms...Well,we may have to burn them, they are that bad. Rachael x

  2. Enjoy your very well deserved break, it made me tired just thinking about it!!! May go for a nap!!

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