Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cravendales EpicStraws!

We love milk in this house, we drink loads of it, the children ask for it rather than pop, so when we were emailed from Britmums asking if we would like to be sent some Epic Straws from Cravendale to have a look at we were all mega excited, after all there isn't a more fun way to drink than through a straw is there, and what is more fun than an EPIC straw?!

We were sent two packs to have a look at and asked to build our most epic straw with them!

The packs have several plastic pieces to help you build up a rather fun and funky straw, there are instructions included to help you design your straw, but you can of course use the pipe sections to make your own weird and wonderful creations.

We initially followed the instructions and built the straws, then we got creative and added the two packs together to make the biggest most epic straws of them all incorporating the odd building block for additional support!

With a check that all bits were air tight the children were thrilled that they could put their master piece into action watching as the milk flowed through the loops and up and down the pipes.

They have kept the children happily entertained on several rainy afternoons, each time they are pulled out the creations change. The straws come in a great handy pouch to aid with cleaning and storage too, so these really are just great fun!

If you want to get your hands on some Epic Straws then look out for the Cravendale packs available now until December 16th, with the special codes on, then head on over to to find out how to claim your own!

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  1. Wow i have never seen a straw this amazing, looks like good fun xx


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