Monday, 10 September 2012

Popular Puzzles for Children

Jigsaw Puzzles are great quick fix boredom busters, and will 9 times out of 10 engage my three as soon as you bring out the box, however having a really eye catching design that appeals makes it even more exciting, and that's why I love the Ravensburger Puzzles.
We were sent a Disney Brave puzzle and a Club Penguin puzzle to give our verdicts on as part of the Ravensburger Puzzle club.

Both puzzles have an age rating of 6 years or above, and are 100 piece puzzles with a completed size of 49cm x 36cm with great quality strong pieces, which are perfect child sized and bright designs these are great puzzles for children who already have grasped the basic process of jigsaw building and want something which is challenging but not too difficult that it is off putting.

The familiar designs of these character puzzles really got the children interested, the Disney Brave features Merida taking the centre stage with her bow and arrow surrounded by a host of her fellow characters which all have the quirky Disney appeal.

Children who have seen the film will love the puzzle, but even children who haven't seen the film (as mine haven't) will still find it an interesting and appealing design capturing their fantasy imagination perfectly.

I have mentioned previously in other Ravensburger reviews that I like the age rating and find them to be just about spot on, however the Brave Puzzle is one of the  harder designs in the 6+ range, mainly because it is overall quite a dark puzzle and there are lots of pieces which look similar, but the outside edge with the purple banding made it easy to build the frame. However  my 5 year old son who can complete the other puzzles aged 6 and above needed more help to complete this one, but my daughter and her friend (aged 9) happily completed it themselves keeping them entertained for longer.

The 2nd puzzle I'm reviewing today is the Club Penguin Puzzle,in contrast to the brave puzzle this one has a busy design full of the familiar Club Penguin characters from the well known online computer game and is full of bright colours. All my children are familiar with Club Penguin so this instantly appealed to them, they loved putting this puzzle together picking out the funny characters as they built up the puzzle.

With so many brightly coloured penguins upto all sorts of mischief it is a great talking point, or eye spy feature once you have completed this puzzle it really is a fun jigsaw for the whole family

Both Puzzles are priced around £8 and would make excellent presents this Christmas. If you want to see some other great jigsaws and want to find out what other people think of them, then be sure to pop over to the Ravensburger Puzzle Club blog for loads more reviews!


  1. I need to find some jigsaws suitable for a 2-3 year old as I just know Aaron would love them.
    Liska x

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