Thursday, 11 October 2012

Grafix Art kits for kids.

Many times I have said here that art kits are something that always go down a treat with my three, but there are such a lot of different arty things to choose from the shops, some of the kits are really disappointing when you get them home, and I have a bit of a hate for glitter glue and pom poms which I just do not know what to do with!

So when Grafix contacted me and asked if I would like to have a look at some of their range of childrens craft kits I couldn't wait to see what they sent.

And I was not disappointed, we received three different sets, all looked equally appealing, bright colourful boxes instantly grabbing the childrens attention.

fun childrens art set grafix kits

For my eldest there was a build your own Monster truck, this was perfect, he is the least crafty of my three, being a 10 year old he is much more interested in his computer games, however building the monster truck from the book really got him interested, the pieces popped out easily enough without any tears, and the instructions were simple enough for him to follow alone, he completed the truck in just over an hour and was very pleased with his efforts.

make your own monster truck from paper grafix childrens art

 This fantastic model kit is priced at just £1.49 direct from Grafix website I highly recommend it, it would be fantastic for friends birthday presents, and a great stocking filling for Christmas

For Chloe there was a Crystal tattoo set, we've had lots of bead and jewellery makers in the past and alot of them are not great, often the beads are too fiddly to thread and the jewellery isn't very good after your efforts, however this kit has just one sized beads included all multicoloured and enough elastic to make a couple of bracelets and a necklace, the beads are easy to thread onto the elastic and make simple bangles which Chloe loved, Then ontop of this there is the tattoos.

grafix girls tattoo crystal jewellery set bead making

The Crystal tattoos are little gems which have a sticky backing to them, when you peel them from the sheet you can stick them onto your skin, and then when you don't want the tattoo anymore you can simply peel them back off and re stick them to the sheet ready for the next time, I was slightly dubious of how good these tattoos would be, but was really surprised that they stuck perfectly well to skin and peeled off again holding the shape of the designs. Chloe has had them on and off so many times since we have had this kit and they are all still use able.

And just as an added extra you get a lovely pink work station to store the beads and tattoos between uses, you get alot more beads than you can use with the elastic provided, so if I was to be overly picky I would say it would have been nice to have abit more elastic, but thats really not a problem when you way up the fact the rest of this kit gives lots of enjoyment, all simple and fun which can be used without lots of adult interaction, I have looked around and found the Crystal tattoo set is currently available at Asda for £6 which I think is a great price for this fantastic kit, it would make a wonderful Christmas present.

The third Grafix kit we received was a make your own sea creature set, this one all three of my children wanted to have ago at, although it was sent for my youngest, with an age of 3+ on the box

grafix art kit contents make your own sea creature

Inside there were 4 Sea creatures sets to make, all individually packed, the great thing about this kit was that no scissors, paint or glue is needed, the bodies of the sea creature are all ready coloured and holes punched around the edges for you to use the supplied pipe cleaners to connect together sections and make dangly legs, then there was a lovely sheet of stickers to add the finishing touches to your designs.

I was thinking the simple nature of this kit would mean that it wouldn't entertain them for very long, but they all sat happily for around half an hour making their monsters, and there is still one left to do another day, this kit is priced around £3 amazing value for the quality of this fun kit, you could happily untangle the pipe cleaners after you have made your creatures and then have them to re use again another day if you choose too which would make the value of this kit even better.

Overall we really loved the Grafix kits and will definitely keeping our eyes out for more in the range, you can find out more on the Grafix website, and look through the fantastic kits available, all are really affordable and great simple fun which will get children creative.

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