Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pillow monsters and Making moments

For fear of repeating myself I am once again nearing the end of the week and am not quite sure where the days have gone!

Yesterday was meant to be parents evening for my eldest two, however Jakes has been rearranged for after the Break because his teacher has the horrible illness that is sweeping around at the moment.

The start of the week I was feeling pretty awful, with the worst sore throat and headaches, but it is passing now, Mikey has also been under the weather and fighting off the sickness bug, you can really tell when the school holidays are coming up, the children seem so much more unsettles and groggy,  I am really looking forward to the lazier mornings!

It is my birthday tomorrow too, I will be turning 30.  To be honest I haven't really given it much thought, birthdays don't mark big celebrations here and the day will pass by pretty indifferent I  imagine. My parents have given me some money so I am looking forward to picking out something nice for myself with that, which is a real treat because I very rarely spend anything on myself.

Jake also gave me a lovely gift, he gave it to me early as he was rather proud of it, and I must agree he is rather lovely.

Meet my new pillow monster, he was lovingly made by Jake himself, hes so unbelievably squidgy and soft and with his crazy button face and wonky smile I love him.

And in other news, I have been busy making a new website which is a collaboration between me and my mum, who has been having a difficult time recently with her health and I am determined t keep her smiling and give her something to focus on! so if you'd like to pop over and take a look we'd appreciate it  We haven't fully decided on where it will lead just yet, but right now it is showcasing all the photos myself and my mum take, and the creative designs we make too.


  1. That is so sweet, love the buttons and wonky smile! I've made sock pets before for my two girls, thy loved them.

  2. What a special gift, handmade presents are the best. I'm looking forward to Bud and Little Miss making them for me. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day xx

  3. The website looks great!! And i love the pillow monster - I may have to put one on my santa list!


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