Thursday, 15 November 2012

Children in Need - Last minute dress up!

Children in Need has been around since 1980 so before I was born, it is the one charity event I remember loving as a child and watching in amazement when the BBC show was on and everyone was united in a night of caring, a night where giving even just a few pence meant you were doing something wonderful.

Every school year we would dress up, and buy cakes, it was always so much fun.

Now my children are at school and so you would think I would be really prepared for this once a year event, be super organised with cakes baked and sponsored events organised wouldn't you?

But no, I'm not that organised and instead of lovingly preparing lavish costumes for the childrens non uniform days tomorrow I am once again doing a last minute attempted at making a homemade designed T.Shirt.

We do have some 'official' children in need T shirts from years gone past, donned with Pudsey bear which I suppose Mikey could wear, but where is the fun in that!

Chloe wants to go in her PJ's as her school theme is opposites, Jake isn't kean on the whole dressing up scene anymore so is just going in normal non uniform, and so my creative juices had to be focuses on Mikey.

So I rumaged through the wardrobe and pulled out a scrunched up polo shirt, and found out the fabric crayons left over from our Little Designer Challenge earlier in the year, and I set about making a cheerful homemade design.

Mikeys theme is 'show your spots' so I decided we would write this on the back, and on the front I drew a Pudsey Bear, surrounded by spots!

I don't think we did too bad a job, and hope that Mikey chooses my design over the official T shirt in the morning!

Are all your children dressing up tomorrow? have you put lots of thought and effort into their costumes or  are you going for a homemade T shirt design like me?


  1. That's very cute, well done! My daughter will be wearing her handmade outfit too :)

  2. That's lovely, my daughter went with her own clothes with an american theme a bit boring really!


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