Saturday 17 November 2012

Monster High - Ghouls Rule

A few weeks ago we were invited to review Ghouls  Rule the new Monster high DVD with the Tots100 film club.

For those who are not familiar with Monster High, they are a new range of fashion dolls first released in 2010 inspired by famous characters from horror films, with the slogan freaky just got fabulous, the dolls are eye catching in their appearance which is different to other dolls, each character is dressed in very stylish clothes which instantly appeal to fashion conscious tweens and they have unique features relating to their inspired name sake, for example Frankie Stein the daughter of Frankensteins Monster has bolt through her neck and a green tinge to her skin, DracuLaura is daughter of Count Dracula wearing fabulously outrageous dresses and pretty bat wing accessories.

Although I was familiar with Monster High brand prior to seeing the DVD neither myself or Chloe had paid too much attention to the merchandise, so when the DVD arrived I wasn't sure what everyone would make of the film.

monster high ghouls rule dvd cover design

Ghouls Rule is the brand new movie featuring the Monster High cast, the plot is centred around the differences in celebrating the Halloween holiday from the Monsters point of view and the Normies (humans) point of view, it is a fun film with humour dashed throughout and a nice story line that touches on friendship and identity as the monsters work out how to make everyone enjoy the holiday together.

monster high ghouls rule characters frankie draculaura and friends

Chloe has really enjoyed watching it and it has captured her imagination much more than I expected, and since watching the DVD she has added a whole host of Monster High Dolls to her Christmas list, and has spent many happy hour drawing the characters.

9 year old drawing monster high ghouls rule dolls
 Even Jake (my 10 year old) has sat through it and given it the thumbs up, as has my 6 year old niece so it really does appeal to a wide age range, it is not at all scary or dark, and is full of quirky characters with personalities as big as their lavish dress sense.

monster high dvd box cover back design special features
 If you already have a Monster High fan, then I am certain they would love the DVD which is just over an hour long, (a playtime of 1hour 8 minutes) and has three never before seen animated shorts as a bonus special feature. Or if you have someone who has asked for the monster High dolls this Christmas then getting this DVD may provoke even more enjoyment and interest in the dolls, and would make a lovely additional extra in the stocking!

monster high ghouls rule bonus gift nail polish purple

Also included in the DVD pack we received was a free nail varnish which was a nice added extra and loved by Chloe.

Priced around £8 and available from supermarkets, amazon and this would be a great gift for daughters, nieces, cousins and friends of friends this Christmas.

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