Friday, 9 November 2012

Pop Party 10 Review

I love listening to music, but over the years it is something which has slowly become more and more uncommon, and I am slowly turning into one of them moaning adults who just simply doesn't 'get' the latest pop music craze and is somehow stuck in her teenage era full of Boyzone and Take That songs.

However with a 9 year old daughter the latest pop songs are gradually becoming an increasing noise around here.

Like most 9 year olds Chloe loves music, she happily spends hours writing out the lyrics to her latest favourite song, humming the words to songs which I have never heard before and I'm left wondering exactly where on earth she has heard them when we very rarely have the radio playing or the music channels on TV

I also remember being  at that age where you simply have to be in the know about the latest and greatest pop stars, I remember begging my mum to allow me to buy my first music CD and being thrilled when I managed to get my hands on Now thats what I call music 30, I loved that CD oh so much and sat happily playing it over and over and over in my bedroom until the words from every song were engrained in my subconscious.

I was thrilled when I was able to go and watch a BRMB radio concert and see the same singers live and my journey into my teenage years passed in a musical blur.

Now my ideas of good music my be stuck with Mike and the Mechanics Over my Shoulder, Bobby Brown Two can play that game or Sean Maguire Suddenly, but obviously we're no longer in the 90's and music has changed, and its simply just not cool to listen to tracks from 20 years ago, so although I still own and do listen to my Now30 CD my children groan and ask for Tulisa, Cheryl Cole and JLS instead.

So when we were asked to review Pop Party 10 I thought well I guess it is time I got to grips with the current music trends and found out what sort of music my children are singing along to in the playground.

Of course all three were thrilled when the CD arrived and they suddenly had cool music playing in their house, the track list is actually really rather good, and the songs are very up beat and fun and even I enjoy listening to them!

The CD also comes with a bonus DVD with 13 music videos on including PSY Gangnam Style which instantly got everyone up and dancing, One Direction What makes you beautiful,  and JLS Proud, which was the official sports relief track for 2012 and some behind the scene footage of Justin Beiber and The Saturdays.

You also get a lyrics sheet with all 22 song lyrics on, which pleased Chloe no end.

pop party CD music lyrics
 Overall this is a fantastic compilation of modern pop music and really has been a huge hit here with everyone from my 5 year old to my self and my other half

If anyone was wondering what to grab as an extra stocking filler for anyone this Christmas I don't think you would go far wrong with this fab CD

The full List of songs is as follows 22 tracks on the Music CD and the thirteen highlighted in Blue also appear on the DVD with the full music videos for the songs

PSY - Gangnam Style - + DVD
Carly Rae Jepson - Call me maybe
Maroon 5 - Payphone
Tulisa - Young - +DVD
One Direction - What makes you beautiful -  + DVD
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend - + DVD
Cheryl - Call my name + DVD
Ne-Yo - Let me love you
Jessie J - Domino + DVD
Will.I.Am Feat Eva Simons - This is Love
Fun Feat Janelle Monae - We are young
The Wanted - Chasing the sun + DVD
Rihanna - Where have you been
Cover Drive - Twilight + DVD
Olly Murs - Dance with me tonight + DVD
Katy Perry - Part of me
Stooshe - Black Heart + DVD
Conor Maynard - Can't say no
Alyssa Reid - Alone again + DVD
Rizzle Kicks - Mama do the hump
JLS - Proud + DVD
The Saturdays - 30 Days + DVD

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